HPD Builder

HPD Builder is the easiest, most accurate and efficient way for manufacturers to create and manage Health Product Declarations.  HPD Builder provides a guided tool for entering data, performing hazard screening and formatting your reports to be consistent with the HPD Open Standard.

Registration is required for use of the HPD Builder  Unlimited use of the Builder is an included benefit for HPD Collaborative members.  More limited use can also be purchased online.  See information in the next section below to register and begin to use the HPD Builder.

We highly recommend that those new to HPDs first review the HPD Open Standard.  The Standard consists of two elements:  the Format and the Instructions.  The Builder provides an automated tool that implements the Standard, but does assume that the user has a basic knowledge of how the Standard is designed.  A Manufacturer User Guide for the HPD Open Standard is in development, and will provide more guidance for manufacturers.  It is planned to be available in the second half of 2017.  If the HPD Open Standard is new to you, this page about the HPD Open Standard is a good place to begin.  Other information and resources are available on the HPDC website.

Periodic Updates to HPD Open Standard are Reflected in HPD Builder

On a periodic basis, the HPD Open Standard is revised to reflect learning and the most up-to-date practices in reporting, disclosure and transparency.  When a new revision to the Standard is introduced, HPD Builder is updated to reflect those changes.

In May 2017, HPDC introduced a new revision, HPD Open Standard version 2.1.

Update on HPD Builder 2.1 status (as of 5/16/17):  HPD Builder 2.1 is in the final stages of testing, and is planned for release to registered HPD Builder Users in June 2017.  Until the release of Builder 2.1, continue to create HPDs using the Builder 2.0 tool.  Once Builder 2.1 is released, Builder users will have the option to update HPD 2.0s to the 2.1 spec, using an automated tool included with Builder 2.1.  Registered Builder users will receive regular updates via email about progress.  We will also update this website when there is a change in status.

Next Steps to Using HPD Builder

Step-by-Step HPD Training Videos are available on how to create an HPD using the HPD Builder.  Please visit the training page to access these videos.

Once an HPD has been created, the Builder enables manufacturers to fully automate “publishing” their HPDs to the HPD Public Repository.  Publishing an HPD via the Repository enables project teams and others who wish to use the HPD to easily locate and download a PDF copy of the HPD.  For more information on the HPD Public Repository click here.

What is HPD Builder 2.0?

  • HPD Builder 2.0 is a cloud-based system that helps you create, publish and manage product reporting, using the HPD Open Standard Version 2.0.
  • Using HPD Builder 2.0, product manufacturers establish their own account, and manage their own reporting and access to their data.

Major Features of HPD Builder 2.0

  • Built to assist you in reporting information so that it complies with HPD Open Standard Version 2.0
  • Reduces data entry duplication and errors, compared with manual preparation methods
  • Provides output in PDF format, compliant with HPD Open Standard Version 2.0 format
  • Incorporates use of Pharos Chemical and Material Library (CML) database by CAS RN or substance name
  • Performs HPD Open Standard compliant hazard screening, using GreenScreen® List Translator and other specified lists
  • Permission-based access to manufacturers HPD by suppliers and consultants
  • Provides option to report hazards without disclosing confidential substance identifying information
  • Enables automated “publishing” to to the HPD Public Repository to make your “public” HPD easily accessible and downloadable for project teams

HPD Builder 2.0

Click Here

Looking for Builder 1.0?

HPD 1.0

HPD 1.0 reports can no longer be created.  If you want to access existing version 1.0 HPDs, Click here to login.

How Do I Get the Builder?

Unlimited use of HPD Builder 2.0 is an included benefit of your HPDC membership.  If you are already an HPDC member,  you must first register to establish your account and begin using HPD Builder 2.0.  Click the button below to go the the Registration screen.

Use of HPD Builder 2.0 is also available to those who are not HPDC members, in a five (5) HPD bundle pack.  To purchase, click the Non-Member Purchase button, below.  If you purchase an HPD bundle pack, and wish to upgrade to full HPDC membership, we will credit your purchase of 1 HPD bundle pack to your annual membership dues, within 60 days of purchase.  Please contact our membership department (membership@hpd-collaborative.org) to upgrade your qualifying purchase to membership status.