HPD 2.1 Standard

What’s new in HPD Open Standard version 2.1

HPD Builder Users – PLEASE NOTE – HPD Builder 2.1 is not yet released.  HPD Open Standard 2.0 is still valid for creating HPDs, and you should continue to use HPD Builder 2.0 until Builder 2.1 is released, which is expected in June.  For further information, see the Builder Page on this website, or contact us at support@hpd-collaborative.org.

In May 2017, the HPDC released the most current version of the HPD Open Standard, version 2.1.  Key elements of the 2.1 revision are:

  • Harmonization with LEED v4 Material Ingredients credit requirements
    • Harmonized Content Inventory formats
    • LEED “pre-check” indicator – mechanical check to determine if LEED-required data elements are present (does not evaluate content for correctness)
  • Clarifications of existing content
    • Clarified “Checklist” for compliant HPD
    • Added separate lines for Product and Manufacturer Names
    • Changed “UNK” to “NoGS” for no GreenScreen listing
    • In “Exclusions” – revised Introduction and Disclaimer
    • In “References” – clarified Manufacturer Contact Name to reflect responsibility for content of HPD
    • In Section 4, “Accessories” – added response to indicate no accessories required
  • Updates to existing content
    • Updated Third Party Verification data fields to include Third Party Verification status, identify preparers and/or verifiers
    • Updated “Publication” to reflect HPDC Public Repository
    • Updated Priority Hazard Lists
    • Corrected references to GreenScreen to reflect trademark
    • Updated references to GreenScreen Benchmarks
    • Checked and updated all referenced links
    • Updated references and links to HPDC website
    • Updated Glossary

Coming Soon: Download Fillable PDF Form (zipped file)

License for Use

The Health Product Declaration Open Standard is the intellectual property of the HPD Collaborative, and provided to the public, free-of-charge, under the Creative Commons: Attribution-NoDerivs CC BY-ND 4.0) license.  Anyone using the HPD Open Standard must comply with the terms of this license agreement, which will be enforced by the HPD Collaborative. For information on use of the terms, logos and trademarks, please click here.