The HPD Open Standard Ecosystem

Open standards, such as the Health Product Declaration, thrive by the ongoing innovation stimulated by the engagement of a multitude of organizations, in addition the HPD Collaborative itself.  We refer to this network of participation, innovation and support as our “Ecosystem.”

By being openly available for use by all, the HPD Open Standard encourages the participation of a growing number of organizations.  If you are new to the HPD Open Standard, and want to learn more about these supporting organizations, we have provided in the sections below information about some of them.  If you are already participating in the HPD Open Standard Ecosystem and want to become included in our listing – or even better, join the HPD Collaborative – please contact us.

Product Libraries

Health Product Declarations are created and by manufacturers, and can often be sourced directly from the technical data section of their websites. In addition, the Collaborative partners with online product libraries to make it easy for consumers to find HPDs. For example:

  • ecoScorecard
  • GIGA is a third-party database of building materials and products bringing HPDs in Chinese to the world’s largest construction market. GIGA powers the internal databases of global design firms, developers and design institutes representing well over $100B in projects. It also maintains an open-source database of materials and products ranked according to transparency, performance and environmental impact. For the past decade, GIGA has been used to pioneer LBC, LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, CGBL and RESET projects in China and is now expanding internationally.
  • GreenSpec lists the greenest of the green building products, with over 2,600 listings spanning hundreds of categories of the most-specified building products available. All products are selected by our editorial team according to strict criteria. Information transparency is one of the criteria that GreenSpec looks for in building products, and providing Health Product Declarations are one of the most rigorous ways that GreenSpec-listed products can meet this criterion.
  • GreenWizard is a Product Management solution that enables manufacturers to upload their HPDs along with their products, making them freely available to the AEC community. Today, over 50 percent of the top design and construction firms in the US use GreenWizard to find and specify products for more than $18B of projects (a/o Sept. 2013). GreenWizard simplifies and streamlines sourcing and documenting green building materials for AECs. Manufacturers are encouraged to create a free account.
  • paletteapp is an online digital resource library with thousands of the most up-to-date architectural products for architects and interior designers. By using the site’s unique filtering system, it will reduce thousands of products to a few options in four clicks or less. With their selected products, the users can build libraries of favorite products or build palettes. The palette feature allows the user to see all of the products and finishes together in one place and orders only the samples that are needed.
  • The Pharos Project’s Building Product Library allows manufacturers to upload Health Product Declarations for building products, and provides a full assessment of health hazards associated with the ingredients in the product and the chemicals used in its manufacture. The library also assesses VOC certifications, renewable material content and renewable energy usage.
  • SmithGroup JJR – The HPD Library published by SmithGroup JJR is a searchable database that contains hundreds of Health Product Declarations which owners and designers can access, free of charge, to assist their material selection and LEED documenting process.
  • is the industry’s Number 1 free site for sourcing design products and services. Supported by advertising and a full line of Internet marketing services, it offers directories for manufacturer, dealer, representative and product information, and provides industry-related services such as web reviews, industry news and a calendar of events.
  • GPD’s THESource extends the value of building product manufacturer data and transparency information within the design process. Users can access over 900 manufacturer specific BIM libraries within THESource, a database which features search assist and in-application search by Revit category or key word to speed up the product selection process. GPDTools ProductTAG allows users to pre-filter product category searches in THESource and with one click populate the manufacturers name, model, url and uniformat classification code into a Revit family.

If your company would like to be a source for HPDs, please contact us at:

Other resources

Companies, advocacy organizations, and government agencies have resources that may support consumers in learning about chemicals of concern and sourcing appropriate building products. The following are representative of the offerings currently available.


Health Product Declarations are a next step to ensuring complete accountability for our industry’s environmental claims.

Lynn Preston

Tandus Flooring