Builder 2.0 Bundle Pack – Create Five (5) HPDs


Create five HPDs using the HPD Builder 2.0. Includes ability for suppliers and consultants to provide material, substance, hazard and certification data for individual HPDs.  (Please note:  Orders are processed on weekdays.  Please allow up to 24 hours for your order to be processed.  You will receive a separate email confirming your tokens are ready, and instructions for their use).

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Unlimited use of the HPD Builder2.0 is included with all HPDC memberships.  Annual dues for an Affiliate Membership are $500; dues for General Memberships are $1,500.  To find out more about membership, click here.

Non-members can purchase tokens to use the HPD Builder 2.0, for creating and managing HPDs.  Tokens are available in 5-HPD bundles for $250.