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Empowering Transparency for Healthier Building Materials

The leading open standard for building product content and health information.

  • Standardize for consistent and reliable reporting
  • Inform decision-making for healthy material selection
  • Comply with green building rating systems like LEED
The building industry has long struggled with a lack of transparency regarding the health impacts of building materials.
Designers, specifiers, and consumers often lack the necessary information to make informed decisions about the products they use.
The HPD Open Standard, developed by HPDC, solves this problem by providing a standardized format for manufacturers to disclose product contents and associated health information, empowering stakeholders to create healthier buildings.

Unlock the Benefits of Transparency with the HPD Open Standard

Transparent Disclosure

The HPD Open Standard ensures clear, reliable, and consistent reporting of product contents and associated health information.


Informed Decision-Making

HPDs enable specifiers and consumers to compare products and make informed choices based on health and sustainability criteria.

Industry Leadership

By adopting the HPD Open Standard, manufacturers demonstrate their commitment to transparency, health, and sustainability.

Case Studies: HPDs in Action

San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

SFO champions human health and sustainability by adopting HPDs in the renovation of the Harvey Milk Terminal 1, setting a new standard for material selection in the aviation industry.


American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge Facility

Perkins and Will and the American Cancer Society make huge strides in achieving material health and transparency goals in the design and construction of a cancer recovery facility.


The Durst Organization’s Mixed-use Buildings

The Durst Organization establishes a new set of green building goals, emphasizing occupant health and the use of product transparency data to make informed product selections in their multifamily, mixed-use buildings.


The HPD Open Standard: Transforming the Building Industry

  • Standardized, consistent format for reporting product contents and associated health information
  • Facilitates material ingredient disclosure and transparency, essential for informed decision-making needed to achieve societal goals of a circular and regenerative built environment
  • Enables informed decision-making for safer and healthier product selections
  • Provides a common language for transparent communication between manufacturers and their customers
  • Complements green building certification systems and rating programs, including LEED
  • Promotes industry-wide collaboration and stakeholder engagement
  • Continuously evolving through a consensus-based, stakeholder-driven process
  • Free and accessible to all via the online HPD Public Repository


What is an HPD?
An HPD, or Health Product Declaration, is a standardized report of a product’s contents and associated health information, following the HPD Open Standard.
How does the HPD contribute to LEED?

HPDs play a crucial role in achieving the LEED Material Ingredients credit, with over 5,000 project teams using material health information in their projects.

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