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Living Product 50

Living Product 50 (LP50) is a collaborative of over 40 leading building product manufacturers that are dedicated to ensuring that healthy, high performing building materials become the industry standard. This group is collaborating to transform the materials economy through transparency, green chemistry, supply chain innovation and industry awareness.  HPDC is proud to partner with LP50 to support these initiatives.

The Supplier Letter: A Supply Chain Collaboration Initiative

The Supplier Letter is an initiative of the LP50, inviting suppliers to join the effort by adding their support to the transparency mission.

Manufacturers participating in this initiative are using the Supplier Letter to contact their supply chain partners, to help them in responding to the increasing number of requests from customers, such as architects, designers and building owners, for material composition disclosure. Two secure, efficient and free web-based tools, Toxnot Shared Materials and HPD Builder Supplier HPD Extension, provide automated data entry for supplier information and provide suppliers with other very useful data management options. Once supplier information is available, these tools also help manufacturers respond to customer transparency requests using Declare labels and Health Product Declarations (HPDs) – two of the most widely-recognized material health transparency documents in the building industry.

Use the Supplier HPD to Participate

Suppliers are urged to support the LP50 initiative now to help meet this rapidly growing demand from our customers to and ensure healthier spaces are built for all. Public transparency options allow you to attract new customers who value transparently disclosed materials.

HPD Collaborative launched HPD Builder v2.2, and the Supplier HPD Extension on May 18, 2020.  Using these new capabilities, it is very easy to reach out to your suppliers who you have contacted with the Supplier Letter.  The entire Request-for-Information process is automated, as it the exchange of data with your multi-tiered supply chain.  There are many other new features that make it easier than ever to create HPDs – now with your suppliers able to directly input their own information.

There are three, one-hour webinars which are available on video replay, that will step you through all the basics to get started with HPD Builder 2.2 with the Supplier HPD Extension.  To access these webinars please click on this link.

For manufacturers who already have an HPD Builder account, you will automatically be updated to this new release.  If you do not already have an HPD Builder account, please click this link to gain information on how to establish an HPD Builder account.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:  Thank you!