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AP Approved Logo Usage


Qualification:         Approved Preparer (AP) Company

PROVISIONS FOR THE USE AND DISPLAY OF THE HPDC Approved Preparer (AP) Logo and References to HPDC AP Program


There is one logo available for use in the HPD Collaborative Approved Preparer (AP) Program:

  • HPDC Approved Preparer Logo (APLogo)

This document will provide guidance for its use.

1. Use of HPDC Approved Preparer Logo and References to HPDC AP Program by Preparers

1.1 The HPDC Approved Preparer Logo (APLogo) is authorized for use to those preparers who have been accepted into the HPDC AP Program as an Approved Preparer and remain in good-standing with the program. The use of the APLogo is not otherwise permitted.  In the event that a preparer is no longer in good-standing in the program, any use of the APLogo must be removed immediately and no future use is permitted unless/until good-standing is restored.

1.2 The Approved Preparer Logo may be displayed on the preparer’s website, or on other promotional materials, subject to the following provisions:

1.2.1 The APLogo may not be used in any manner a) not associated with the preparer’s activities as part of the AP Program, b) in conflict with the goals of the AP Program or the mission of HPDC.

1.2.2 The written material or website must contain a reference to the HPDC APP Program website [link], in a footnote or other notation available to the user of the material or website.

1.2.3 The relative dimensions and colors in the APLogo, as provided, must be maintained. The APLogo, or reference to the AP Program, should never appear more prominently than the reference to the preparer’s organization.

1.3.4 Do not use the APLogo or reference the AP program approval on company stationery, business cards or signs, or within Internet domain names or company names. Use of these references on such materials could incorrectly imply more than a third-party authorization or relationship between preparer and HPDC, or incorrectly imply that HPDs prepared by you have been authorized or approved by HPDC.

1.3 Use of the APLogo is non-mandatory.

1.4 Preparer may reference acceptance into the HPDC AP Program only with the phrase, “[Organization Name] is an Approved Preparer participant in the HPD Collaborative Approved Preparer Program.” No other written representation is permitted.

1.5 HPDC does not “certify,” “rate,” or “endorse” the preparer’s organization, activities or the results of the HPDs prepared by the preparer. Preparer should not make any such reference when using the APLogo.

1.6 Do not state a link between AP Approved Preparer participation and any other organization.

To request copies of the logo, please submit a request to with the Subject “AP Logo Request”.

Making this request signifies that you have read and accepted the above Provisions for the Use and Display of the HPDC Approved Preparer (AP) Logo and References to HPDC AP Program.

Revision 1.0 – June 30, 2019