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Your commitment to an annual sponsorship helps build the strong financial foundation that enables HPDC to pursue our community’s vision of healthier products.

Annual sponsorships are available to HPDC General Members, at the following contribution levels:

  • Visionary           $15,000+
  • Innovator           $10,000+
  • Educator            $ 5,000+
  • Sustainer           $ 3,500+
  • Supporter          $ 1,500+

Please click this link to see our sponsorship brochure, which outlines key initiatives supported by your sponsorship, as well as a summary of the benefits your organization will receive at each level of sponsorship contribution.  If you are not yet an HPDC General Member, we invite you to join HPDC as a first step to supporting our work. Please click this link for more information on becoming a General Member.

To discuss becoming a sponsor or renewing an existing sponsorship, please contact me directly at  Or feel free to call me at+1.781.876.8871.

Thank you so much for your interest in sponsoring our work,   Wendy Vittori, Executive Director

“At SmithGroupJJR, we are immensely proud of the progress that HPDC continues to make and see our financial support of the Collaborative as one of our most successful investments. We see the increasingly-rapid adoption of the open standard as proof of this investment strategy.”

Russell Perry, FAIA, LEED Fellow

SmithGroup JJR

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