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Browse all manufacturer resources

Introduction to Material Health

Manufacturers reviews hazards, exposure, and risks associated with building products as well as product transparency issues. Finally, we discuss resources that design professionals can use when specifying products using material ingredient information.

Manufacturer User Guide

The latest version (2.3) of the Manufacturer Guide. You may wish to review this comprehensive guide if you feel a refresher is necessary, or for learning purposes for others at your organization who may need to brush up on their knowledge and experience with HPDs.

Chemical Hazard Data Commons

Pharos is a tool that assists manufacturers when considering what chemicals and other ingredients they may employ as they formulate products. The HPD tool leverages Pharos CML database by CAS RN or substance name and empowers scientists, researchers, manufacturers, and product innovators to save time and money making safer and healthier chemical decisions. It is the most comprehensive, independent database in the industry of chemicals, polymers, metals, substances, and their associated human and environmental health hazards.

Note: Pharos is not a part of the HPDC and requires its own registration. It is not free, although the costs are marginal.

Healthy Materials Lab

The demand from designers for healthier product choices is growing! Primarily for designers and architects but of significant learning value for Product Teams, the Healthy Materials Lab (A part of the Parsons School of Design) answers any questions you may have about why creating and using healthier products in the built environment is so important for a healthier future. It’s the right thing to do and can be done efficiently while actually improving your bottom line.

Manufacturer Quick Start

Manufacturer training provides manufacturers with a basic understanding of the HPD reporting process so that they can create HPDs for their products.

Supplier Quick Start

Manufacturer training supports manufacturers’ efforts to educate suppliers on HPD requirements and promote the use of the Supplier HPD Builder Extension tool.

LEED Material Ingredients Credit

mproved resources for project teams working towards the LEED credit, MR: Building Product Disclosure and Optimization – Material Ingredient

LP50 (Living Products 50)

Living Product 50 (LP50) is a collaborative of over 40 leading building product manufacturers that are dedicated to ensuring that healthy, high performing building materials become the industry standard. This group is collaborating to transform the materials economy through transparency, green chemistry, supply chain innovation and industry awareness. HPDC is proud to partner with LP50 to support these initiatives.


The mindful MATERIALS Library is a multi-stakeholder initiative developed by the building industry for the building industry, providing a common platform to access and clearly communicate transparency and optimization information for building products. mindful MATERIALS is NOT another certification. It is a FREE, brand-agnostic product library, which allows project teams and industry professionals to search for a multitude of relevant, qualified products.

Case Studies

Numerous case studies showing how the importance – and demand – for healthier products in the built environment leads to greater opportunity in green building for manufacturers who pursue Material Health as a component of their organizational strategy.

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Our Members – Making a Difference in Material Health

Review our list of members, including companies and organizations just like yours. From Sherwin Williams and Owens Corning to small “mom and pop” manufacturers, HPDC provides the resources and support to enable your company to seize opportunities and grow through HPDs and Material Health practices.

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