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Create HPDs easily using the HPD Builder

Access The Builder

HPD Builder is the easiest, most accurate and efficient way for manufacturers to create and manage Health Product Declarations (HPDs). HPD Builder provides a guided tool for entering data, performing hazard screening and formatting your reports to be consistent with the HPD Open Standard.

Registration is required for use of the HPD Builder. Unlimited use of the Builder is an included benefit for HPD Collaborative members. More limited use can also be purchased online. See information below to register and begin to use the HPD Builder.

We recommend that those new to HPDs first review the HPD Open Standard. The HPD Builder provides an automated, interactive tool to walk you through use of the Standard. However, basic background knowledge of the Standard is recommended. HPDC’s Manufacturer User Guide is a great resource to guide you through the basics of the Standard, and steps that are helpful in preparing HPDs, working with clients and other common situations.

Periodic Updates to HPD Open Standard

On a periodic basis, the HPD Open Standard is revised to reflect learning and the most up-to-date practices in reporting, disclosure and transparency. When a new revision to the Standard is introduced, HPD Builder is updated to reflect those changes. You can read more about each version of the HPD Open Standard here.

Publishing to the HPD Public Repository

Once you have created an HPD, the HPD Builder enables manufacturers to fully automate “publishing” their HPDs to the HPD Public Repository.  Publishing an HPD via the Repository enables project teams and others who wish to use the HPD to easily locate and download a PDF copy of the HPD.  

Using the HPD Builder

Unlimited use of the HPD Builder is an included benefit of your HPDC membership. If you are already an HPDC member, you must first register to establish your account and begin using HPD Builder.  Click the button below to go the Registration screen.

Use of HPD Builder is also available to those who are not HPDC members, in a five (5) HPD bundle pack.

To purchase, click the Non-Member Purchase button, below.  If you purchase an HPD bundle pack, and wish to upgrade to full HPDC membership, we will credit your purchase of 1 HPD bundle pack to your annual membership dues, within 60 days of purchase.  Please contact our membership department ( to upgrade your qualifying purchase to membership status.