Emerging Best Practices

Emerging Best Practices is an official section of the HPD Open Standard.  Topics have been designated as Emerging Best Practices by the HPDC Technical Committee because the information and research underlying practice in these areas is potentially evolving at a more rapid rate than the regular revision cycle for the HPD Open Standard (typically annual). Emerging Best Practices are governed by the HPDC Technical Committee as part of the HPD Open Standard.  Changes to Emerging Best Practices may be approved within regular HPD Open Standard revision cycles, so it is important to be working with knowledgeable practitioners and HPD Open Standard-compliant information tools when creating and using HPDs, to ensure the proper inclusion of Emerging Best Practices reporting guidance.

Each of the sub-sections of Emerging Best Practices provides guidance on how to report specified information using the HPD Open Standard.  The information contained in Emerging Best Practices  is referenced in the body of the “Instructions” section of the HPD Open Standard document and is made available through the HPD Collaborative public website (www.hpd-collaborative.org).

HPD Open Standard v2.1.1 (Released 7/02/18; Effective Date September 2018) introduces significant new content within Emerging Best Practices, in the areas of Hazard Screening and Special Conditions.  Previous guidance for Residuals and Impurities remains unchanged  from the previous HPD v2.1.

The Emerging Best Practices section of the Standard provides more detailed information and guidance for the following topics:

  • Hazard Screening
  • Residuals and Impurities
  • Special Conditions

The Emerging Best Practices section of the HPD Open Standard, including this “Emerging Best Practices Landing Page,” is a collection of controlled revision documents.  The links in the chart below will direct you to a Landing Page for each of the Emerging Best Practices, where you can access documents related to the specified Emerging Best Practice.

Finding Versions of Emerging Best Practices Documents Posted on this Website

To facilitate locating, within our website documentation, the version of Emerging Best Practices that was/is applicable at a specified time, the document locator table for each Emerging Best Practices  subsection will indicate the Effective Date for that document (i.e. when it came into use), as well as the version of the HPD Open Standard that was in force at that time.  For example:  “Residuals and Impurities Guidance v2.1 10-01-17” refers to the version of this document issued under HPD Open Standard Version 2.1, on October 1, 2017.

Including Emerging Best Practices When Creating an HPD

When an automated tool is being used to create an HPD, it is important for the preparer to verify that the tool meets the compliance requirements for automated tools that are included in the HPD Open Standard.  Tools that meet these requirements, such as the HPD Builder, are updated to reflect the latest Emerging Best Practices whenever a change is introduced.  When doing a manual preparation of an HPD, it is important for the preparer to reference each Emerging Best Practice subsection, to ensure that the most updated, and current version of all applicable Emerging Best Practices are being used.  It is the responsibility of the preparer to ensure proper use of the most current version of Emerging Best Practices.

Landing Pages for Emerging Best Practices

Please click on the appropriate link below to access the Emerging Best Practice(s) of interest.  If you need more information or have questions about Emerging Best Practices, please contact us at support@hpd-collaborative.org.

HPD Open Standard – Emerging Best Practices –  Topics and Weblinks Weblink to Landing Page


Date of Current Revision of Landing Page


Emerging Best Practices Landing Page (this is the page you are on) https://www.hpd-collaborative.org/emerging-best-practices/ 07-06-2018
Hazard Screening https://www.hpd-collaborative.org/hazard-screening/ 07-03-2018
Residuals and Impurities https://www.hpd-collaborative.org/residuals-impurities/ 07-03-2018
Special Conditions https://www.hpd-collaborative.org/special-conditions/ 07-03-2018