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Explain the value of Material Health to clients

Explain the value of Material Health to clients

Helping Clients Understand the Value and Importance of Material Health Practices

The HPDC Toolkit is a set of materials designed by HPDC to support A+D firms in pitching their clients to help transparency and material health practices on client projects. 

There’s tremendous value in knowing what’s in the products a firm specifies. This tool kit guides C-suite leaders and project teams through a detailed series of steps to educate internal staff and clients on the benefits of Material Health practices.

Successfully Pitch Client Brand and PR benefit through HPDs and Product Transparency

Through the HPDC Client Toolkit, firms have a tool to clearly communicate what transparency and material health is, why it’s important to them and their client organizations and track the results that are achieved. Once completed, firms will have a well formulated deliverable to guide the organization and its clients. And an invaluable PR tool to share your commitment to Material Health.

The HPDC Client Tool Kit Includes Information and Worksheets For Six Sections

The HPDC Client Toolkit has been designed to provide well-curated set of resources to enable your A+D firm to learn from the experience and best practices of your own firm and others, quickly and easily. If your firm does not have much practical experience in transparency and material health, the Client Toolkit will help you gain confidence in your own commitment and practices.

Each section provides helpful information and links so that your A+D team can then complete the section worksheets. Once completed, you’ll have a well formulated deliverable to guide your organization and your clients. Get started by clicking on the section links below: