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The Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC) is happy to present a series of webinars tailored to help our community seamlessly integrate with the HPD v2.3 Update. With significant enhancements to the Health Product Declaration (HPD) framework, this update is poised to reshape the landscape of transparency and sustainability in building products. This webinar series is designed to provide in-depth knowledge, answer queries, and facilitate the transition to v2.3 Update.

Major Enhancements in HPD Open Standard v2.3 Update: Dive into the critical features introduced in the HPD v2.3 Update. This session will ensure a comprehensive understanding of the latest enhancements and how they can be effectively applied.

New Features of HPD Builder to support HPD v2.3 Update: A detailed walkthrough of the HPD Builder updates. Discover how these changes will impact your workflow and improve the product declaration process.

Introducing the HPD Builder Program Pre-check Feature: Unravel the intricacies of the new program pre-check features. Learn how they will revolutionize the review process and simplify criteria checks.

About HPDC
HPDC (Health Product Declaration Collaborative) is a non-profit entity at the forefront of promoting transparency and sustainability in the building sector. Through the standardization of Health Product Declarations (HPDs), HPDC aids manufacturers in disclosing the chemical compositions and potential health impacts of their products. Our mission is to empower stakeholders to make informed choices, driving a healthier, and more sustainable built environment.