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“I want to learn how to create my first Product HPD"

“I want to learn more about how HPDs and Material Health help grow my business"

Great! You are on the way to creating your first Health Product Declaration (HPD).
In order to understand more about what composes an HPD, and how to create it, we highly recommend you take the free, brief training course we’ve created, called The Manufacturer Quick Start.

The Manufacturer Quick Start Course

This course will give you and your team a basic understanding of the field of Material Health and show you how easy it is to use the HPD Builder tool – the easiest, most accurate and efficient way for manufacturers to create and manage Health Product Declarations. After completing the training, you’ll have a basic understanding of the HPD reporting process so that you can create HPDs for your company’s products. This course will provide all the training for completing an HPD in three sections: Intro to HPDs, Gathering Data and Building & Publishing HPDs.
In order to complete the Manufacturer Quick Start you will first need to register for the course. There is a register link on the top right of the Quick Start course start page.

The HPD Builder

Once you have completed the Manufacturer Quick Start you will be able to use the HPD Builder to create your first HPD, as well as access additional supporting materials that answer any remaining questions you may have – including a video walk-through of the HPD creation process from start to finish.

I’m ready to take the Manufacturer Quick Start course

Take this 30-minute course and learn how easy and simple it is to create HPDs using the HPD Builder.