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Tuesday, May 11 at 1 pm EDT

The Health Product Declaration® (HPD) Open Standard is the most widely used transparency and material health reporting method in the building industry, with over 8,000 published HPD reports representing over 20,000 building products. In this webinar, we will discuss the recent advances in ease-of-use and information technology tools that are now available to manufacturers and AECOs, to help in responding to the growing need for healthier and safer building products.

WITH: Wendy Vittori, Executive Director, Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC) John Geyer, Program Director, Terry Swack, Founder & CEO | Sustainable Minds

JOIN US and learn about:

• Transparency and material health reporting for building products using HPDs

• Easy, low-cost steps for MFRs to get started on reporting their products using the HPD Builder online system

• Accessing HPD reports in supply chain tools and building product libraries

• How the Transparency Catalog makes it super easy to find all MFRs and their products with HPDs in all MasterFormat sections, in 2 clicks


This webinar will be of interest to building products manufacturers and AECOs, with an emphasis on providing an introduction to transparency and material health for those who are just starting with these practices.