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The Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC), a not-for-profit, member organization, announces the election of its 2024 Board of Directors and appointment of its 2024 Technical Committee. This member leadership team, composed of experts from across the building industry, will work with HPDC staff to guide HPDC’s mission to advance material health transparency through the HPD Open Standard, the most widely used material health reporting method in the building industry.

HPDC 2024 Board of Directors

Elected to a three-year term on the 2024 HPDC Board of Directors are: Tim Cole, Director of Sustainability and Technical Services, Windmoeller, Inc.; Amanda Kaminsky, Director, Sustainable Construction – America, LendLease; Tyler Krehlik, West Region Practice Director, SmithGroup; Mike Manzi, Associate Principal, Bora Architecture and Interiors; Rachelle Schoessler Lynn, Principal in Sustainable Design, Studio 2030.

The full membership of the 2024 HPDC Board of Directors:

• Mike Manzi, Bora Architecture and Interiors (Chair)
• Gail Vittori, Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems (Vice Chair)
• Tim Cole, Windmoeller, Inc. (Treasurer)
• Jean Hansen, Independent design professional (Secretary)
• Lisa Britton, Industrial Louvers Inc. / Verta Inc.
• Rand Ekman, HKS
• Doug Gatlin, Green Seal
• Jay Hindmarsh, Miller Hull Partnership
• David Johnson, AGI Avant Group
• Amanda Kaminsky, Lendlease
• Tyler Krehlik, SmithGroup
• Josée Lupien, Vertima
• Lona Rerick, ZGF
• Rachelle Schoessler Lynn, Studio 2030
• Sarah Talkington, City of Austin, Texas
• Dennis Wilson, Saint-Gobain
• Allison Smith, HKS, HPDC Technical Committee Chair (ex officio)
• Kimberly Lombardozzi, W.R. Meadows Inc., HPDC Technical Committee Vice-Chair (ex officio)
• Wendy Vittori, HPDC Executive Director (ex officio)

2024 HPDC Technical Committee

Appointed by the HPDC Board of Directors, the HPDC Technical Committee is responsible for the development and maintenance of the HPD Open Standard and consists of material health experts from HPDC member organizations. Newly appointed to the HPDC 2024 Technical Committee are: Tara Blank, Elixir Environmental; Charlotte Brody, BlueGreen Alliance Foundation; Graham Capobianco, Novalis Innovative Flooring; Brian Davis, Brava Roof Tile; Sarah Gilberg, Habitable; Kolton Kitterman, MBDC; Ross Kulick, Humanscale; Annmarie Ott, Saint-Gobain; Vickie Rush, Stantec; Allison Smith, HKS; Terry Swack, Sustainable Minds.

The full membership of the 2024 HPDC Technical Committee:

• Allison Smith, HKS (Chair)
• Kimberly Ann Lombardozzi, W.R. Meadows, Inc. (Vice-Chair)
• Tara Blank, Elixir Environmental
• Charlotte Brody, BlueGreen Alliance Foundation
• Graham Capobianco, Novalis Innovative Flooring
• Brian Davis, Brava Roof Tile
• Sarah Gilberg, Habitable
• Susan Kaplan, HLW International
• Kolton Kitterman, MBDC
• Ross Kulick, Humanscale
• Walter Lourie, mafi
• Mike Manzi, Bora Architects
• Annmarie Ott, Saint-Gobain
• Hannah Ray, ILFI
• Evelyn Ritter, 3E
• Vickie Rush, Stantec
• Erin Smith, Copper Development Association
• Terry Swack, Sustainable Minds
• Matt van Duinen, WAP Sustainability Consulting

“As the demand for healthier buildings grows, it’s more important than ever to have accurate, reliable, and consistent information on building product health,” said Wendy Vittori, HPDC Executive Director. “With our 2024 membership leaders, HPDC is well-positioned to continue to expand material health best practices and help manufacturers and building design teams create a healthier built environment for all.”

The HPD Open Standard provides an industry-standard method for reporting building product ingredients and associated human and environmental health information. The resulting material health transparency enables both manufacturers and building professionals to make informed decisions about the products they make and use, leading to healthier, more sustainable buildings.

For more information about the Health Product Declaration Collaborative and the HPD Open Standard, please visit:

About the Health Product Declaration Collaborative

The Health Product Declaration Collaborative is a not-for-profit, member organization committed to the continuous improvement of the building industry’s performance through transparency, openness, and innovation in the practices of reporting, disclosure, specification, and selection of building products. With over 300 member companies, including manufacturers, architects, designers, and sustainability consultants, HPDC is leading the transformation to a healthier built environment for all.