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Create Accurate, Compliant HPDs Easily with HPD Builder

The guided web-based tool for manufacturers to efficiently create and manage Health Product Declarations

  • Simplify your HPD creation process with intuitive, step-by-step guidance
  • Ensure compliance with the latest HPD Open Standard version
  • Seamlessly integrate with the HBN Pharos Chemical Library and other tools, with recent updates in HPD Builder v2.3 enabling more complete and efficient reporting

Streamline Your HPD Journey with HPD Builder

Simplify HPD Creation

Provides a guided, interactive process to create HPDs compliant with the latest HPD Open Standard v2.3, which includes updates to facilitate more complete reporting and improved ease of use

Reduce Errors & Duplication

Automatically formats reports and integrates with the HBN Pharos Chemical Library to minimize manual data entry

Streamline Publishing

Enables easy publishing of HPDs to the public repository for maximum accessibility by project teams

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to use HPD Builder?

Registration is required. Unlimited use is included with HPDC membership. Non-members can purchase a 5 HPD bundle

How do I upgrade from a non-member bundle to full membership?
We will credit 1 bundle pack towards your annual dues if you upgrade within 60 days. Contact
How does HPD Builder help ensure compliance with the HPD Open Standard?
The Builder provides a guided, interactive process that walks you through properly using the latest version of the Standard. Basic knowledge of the Standard is still recommended – see our Manufacturer User Guide.
How secure and confidential is my data in HPD Builder?
Your data is kept fully secure and confidential. You control permissions for supplier and consultant access. The Builder allows disclosing hazards without identifying substances if needed.
What if I'm new to HPDs?
We recommend reviewing the HPD Open Standard first to understand the basics. Our Manufacturer User Guide is a great resource for getting started and working with the Standard.
What is the program pre-check feature in HPD Builder?
The new program pre-check feature allows for an automated review of your HPD against pre-defined criteria from various certification programs and other organizations. This ensures your HPD meets their requirements before submission, streamlining your participation in these programs. HPD Builder will be continually adding more program pre-checks to support the needs of our users.

Get the Most Out of HPDs with the Manufacturer Guide

Ready to get started with HPDs but not sure where to begin?

Download our comprehensive Manufacturer Guide, your go-to resource for:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of the HPD Open Standard
  • Best practices for collecting and reporting product data
  • Tips for educating your team and supply chain partners
  • Navigating the HPD creation process in HPD Builder
  • Interpreting and communicating your HPD results
  • Participating in key programs with HPD Builder’s pre-check feature
  • Leveraging HPDs in your sustainability marketing efforts
  • and more!
Whether you’re new to HPDs or looking to streamline your existing disclosure activities, this guide has you covered. Compiled by the experts at HPDC, it’s an indispensable tool for any manufacturer committed to material health and transparency.