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HPD Manufacturer Guide

Do you need help creating Health Product Declarations (HPDs) for your products? Are you developing HPDs for use in green building certification through LEED or WELL? Are you interested in getting more involved in material health and healthier products? If so, read more about how the HPD Manufacturer Guide can help you.

The Health Product Declaration® Manufacturer Guide

The HPD Manufacturer Guide provides manufacturers with practical “how to” information for creating HPDs. The guide offers background information for the HPD Open Standard to help you better understand the format, what an HPD report contains, and how you can successfully complete the process of gathering and reporting information.

Do I Need the Manufacturer Guide?

Reporting on material health is new territory for many manufacturers, so you might lack experts to navigate the process. And, obtaining the data needed for this reporting can be difficult. That’s where we come in.

The Manufacturer Guide is a practical “how-to” to help Manufacturers create HPDs to support material health programs and incorporate health considerations in product design, manufacture, and assembly. The guide can help ensure that HPDs meet certification requirements, such as LEED and WELL.

For additional confirmation that the HPD meets the standard requirements, manufacturers can elect to have their HPDs third-party verified via the HPDC Third-Party Verification Program.

Once we can know what is in the products we build with, we begin to have the opportunity to select those that will result in healthier buildings. This Guide explains how to take these steps today.

Robin Guenther, Principal, Perkins+Will

September 2016