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HPD Open Standard v2.2 Full Implementation Information 

Get ready for the full implementation of the HPD Builder v2.2 on May 18th. This is the biggest upgrade we have done with the HPD Builder since the upgrade from v1 to v2.

Plan ahead.

After we make the transition of the HPD Builder to v2.2, all new HPDs will be published with the v2.2 Standard.  The current Builder – v2.1.1 – will be available until 5:00 PM Pacific Time on Friday May 15th. After that time the Builder will not be accessible over the ensuing weekend, during which the transition to HPD Builder v2.2 will be executed.  HPD Builder v2.2 will become available at 9:00 AM Eastern Time on Monday, May 18th.

Publish in-process HPDs with v2.1.1 before May 15, if desired.

After HPD Builder v2.1.1 closes on May 15 it will no longer be possible to publish an HPD using the v2.1.1 Standard.  This means that if you have HPD Reports currently in process and want to publish them under the v2.1.1 HPD Open Standard, you’ll need to publish them on or before May 15th. If you have v2.1.1 HPDs that are undergoing Third Party Verification, they will also need to be completed before the v2.2 release, or the upgrade to v2.2 will need to be made and verified before they can be published.

Get prepared for using HPD v2.2.

HPD v2.2 contains many new features and improvements, which we encourage all manufacturers to use v2.2 with new and updated HPDs.  We will be providing additional information and training resources for you regarding the v2.2 changes over the next several weeks.


Training Materials

Register for a series of free webinars on April 29, May 6 and May 13 – Learn about changes to HPD Open Standard v2.2, improvements in the HPD Builder and introduction of the new HPD Supplier Extension to the HPD Builder.