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HPD Open Standard v2.3 Full Implementation Information

The HPD Open Standard v2.3 was released at the document level on May 12, 2022.  We are now completing the final testing and pilot phase of the development process. Full Implementation includes updates to the HPD Builder, HPD Public Repository, our APIs, and the Supplier HPD Builder extension tool.  

We plan to launch the full implementation of the HPD Builder v2.3 on July 11, 2022.  This means that as of July 11, the “active” version of HPD Open Standard will be Version 2.3, and all newly published HPDs will be in Version 2.3 from this date forward.

These are key updates to the HPD Open Standard:

  1. Visual Updates to Highlight Data Quality
  2. Increased Material and Substance Data Transparency and Quality
  3. Data Consistency for Special Conditions
  4. Additional Listings Added to HPD v2.3
  5. Improved Procedures for Accessories
  6. Update to the LEED Pre-Check to Comply with LEED Version 4.1

Key Points for Builder Users on Transition to v2.3 in the HPD Builder

  • To finish an HPD under HPD v2.2, you must publish it before July 8, 5PM PDT. date. After this time, HPD Builder will be offline until Monday, July 11 at 9AM PDT.
  • When the HPD Builder reopens on July 11, the active version of the HPD Open Standard will be Version 2.3.  All newly published HPDs will need to be compliant with v2.3.
  •  If you have a v2.2 HPD you want to update to v2.3, there will be an update capability provided in the HPD Builder.  The Builder Compliance function will let you know of any v2.3 compliance issues.  For most products, you will not have to report new data, other than as required to use the new features of v2.3.  However, some data has been restructured in v2.3, such as for Special Conditions.  In these cases the way this data is reported on the PDF format will be different from v2.2.
  •  Existing HPDs published before the release of HPD v2.3 remain valid under their existing Expiry Date.

For more information on the v2.3 release features, and to access the Standard documents, click here. [].  The complete List of changes to the HPD format and the HPD Builder is also available to familiarize yourself  with the Version 2.3 updates.

Stay tuned for additional information coming to you in the next few weeks as we get closer to the launch date. 

Thank you for using the HPD Builder. Please contact HPDC support if you have any questions.  

Training Materials

We are also offering two webinars to help you prepare for the transition to Version 2.3.

New Features in HPD Builder V2.3: June 22 from 4-5 pm ET

Join us for a live walk through of new features including visual updates, product transparency, data quality and ease of use for the building products industry.

PRESENTERS: HPDC’s Tristan Roberts, Chief Technologist, and Cory White, Technical Specialist

Learn about the interactive features of the new Supplier HPD Extension to the HPD Builder v2.2 directly from the development team. Presenters will demonstrate how to efficiently request and collect content inventory from suppliers using the Supplier HPD Extension and answer questions.


How to use HPD Builder V2.3: June 29 from 4-5 pm ET

Join us for a live walk through of changes and improvements to the HPD Builder v2.3 with HPDC staff and the development team. Presenters will demonstrate new features and answer questions.

PRESENTERS: HPDC’s Wendy Vittori, Executive Director, and Milla Marcano, Manager, Technical Support