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Simplify Green Building Product Selection with the HPD Public Repository

Access the industry’s most comprehensive library of published Health Product Declarations (HPDs) and powerful new tools to streamline your product selection process.

  • Search by Manufacturer, Product Name, CSI MasterFormat® Classification, or HPD version
  • Access the most comprehensive and reliable material health data
  • Customize your screening criteria to meet your unique needs

Benefits of Using the HPD Public Repository

Unparalleled Access to Material Health Data

Explore the HPD Archive, containing 13,000 published reports representing over 40,000 building products – the leading resource for material health information in the built environment.

Customized Workspaces for Efficiency (NEW)

Utilize HPD Dashboards to create a workspace tailored to your unique needs, enabling faster and more targeted access to crucial decision-making information.

Granular Search and Filtering (NEW)

Leverage custom filtering options to perform granular searches, allowing you to pinpoint exactly the products needed to achieve your specific material health goals.

Streamlined Documentation and Integration (NEW)

Use the HPD Download Queue for one-click exporting of selected HPD reports, providing concise documentation packages for certification submissions.

Introducing HPD PreCheck Dashboards

Instant Compliance Evaluation

Screen building products against leading certification systems and your custom material health criteria in just a few clicks.

Customizable Screening Criteria

Tailor your PreCheck Dashboards to your unique project requirements, company standards, or client preferences for unparalleled flexibility.

Seamless Integration with HPD Repository

Leverage the power of the HPD Repository, with over 13,000 published reports, to access the most comprehensive and up-to-date material health data.

Time and Cost Savings

Streamline your material health screening process, saving valuable time and resources while ensuring compliance with your desired standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an account required to use the repository?
No, an account is not necessary. The repository is accessible to everyone at no cost.
How often are new HPDs added to the repository?

New HPDs are added to the repository regularly, with an average of 250 new HPDs published every month.

What file format are the HPDs in?
All HPDs in the repository are in PDF format for easy viewing and downloading.
How do the new HPD Dashboards improve my user experience?

HPD Dashboards allow users to create personalized workspaces tailored to their unique needs, facilitating faster and more targeted access to crucial decision-making information. This feature enables more efficient material health evaluations and streamlines the product selection process.

What are the benefits of the HPD Download Queue?

The HPD Download Queue provides a one-click export of selected HPD reports, making it easy to share and integrate material health data with HPD Data Partners’ workflow and product library tools. Additionally, the Queue generates concise documentation packages for certification submissions, saving time and effort in the certification process.

Get the Most Out of HPDs with the Project Team Guide

Once we can know what is in the products we build with, we begin to have the opportunity to select those that will result in healthier buildings. This Guide explains how to take these steps today.

Robin Guenther

Principal, Perkins+Will

Simplify your HPD usage and enhance your material health evaluation process with this practical guide.

Are you an architect, designer, contractor, or other project team member involved in building material evaluation? Download the HPD Project Team Guide to access essential “how-to” information for using HPDs effectively.

Key benefits of the Project Team Guide


  • Step-by-step instructions for integrating reporting, disclosure, and transparency practices into your project plan
  • Best practices to accelerate your learning curve and increase confidence in material health activities
  • Detailed explanations of HPD terms and concepts, tailored for non-experts
  • Guidance on preparing documentation for green building certifications, including LEED and WELL