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Welcome to the HPD Public Repository the Material Health Resource for Building Professionals

The Health Product Declaration (HPD) Public Repository is your reliable source for accessing published Health Product Declarations (HPDs). Provided by the Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC), this authoritative source caters to architects, designers, LEED project teams, property owners, and anyone vested in the material health of their projects. Simplify your journey towards healthier, greener building environments.

Unlock the Power of Transparency

Dive into the HPD Repository for immediate access to clear, comprehensive material health data. Our platform offers architects, designers, and builders the key to informed material choices, transforming how sustainability goals are achieved. With every search, empower your decisions with the confidence that comes from unparalleled transparency.

Elevate Material Selection

Refine your material selection with a wealth of health information at your fingertips. The HPD Repository is your resource for understanding the impacts of building materials, supporting smarter, safer choices without the guesswork. It’s about making informed decisions effortlessly, ensuring your projects not only meet but lead sustainability standards.

Build Together for a Healthier Future

The HPD Repository isn’t just a tool; it’s a call to action for industry-wide collaboration towards healthier environments. By engaging with our platform, you join a community dedicated to material health transparency. Let’s shape the future of building together, where every choice brings us closer to a sustainable, well world.

Introducing the Advanced Material Health ToolSuite

Unlock Insights at a Glance

Our advanced analytics dashboards transform complex data into clear, actionable insights. With an intuitive layout and real-time metrics, you’ll have the power to make informed decisions swiftly.

Data-Driven Decisions Made Easy

Stay ahead with a comprehensive overview of key material health data. Our dashboards provide a transparent view of product ingredients, with customizable widgets like total reports, manufacturer engagement, and certification tracking.

Certification and Compliance at Your Fingertips

Navigate the complexities of LEED certification and material health with ease. Our dashboards highlight your progress in meeting industry standards, ensuring your project stays on the path to compliance and excellence.

Streamline Evaluation

Overcome time, budget, and expertise barriers with the HPD Public Repository Dashboard, designed for ease and accessibility, making sustainability an achievable goal for all project members.

Scale Sustainably

Automate your firm’s material health protocols with the Program Pre-check. With customizable filters and extended data elements, it offers a scalable, automated approach to uphold your sustainability objectives.

Collaborate with Manufacturers

The Program Pre-check in the HPD Builder automates communication between manufacturers and project teams, ensuring products align with stringent material health standards and sustainability goals.

Integrate Seamlessly

Leveraging HPDC API’s capabilities, the AMH ToolSuite ensures smooth integration of material health data into project management systems, streamlining workflows and focusing on sustainability.

Exclusive Members-Only Benefits

As an HPDC member, you gain privileged access to the full suite of advanced features. Enjoy the refined repository services, and tap into our growing network of professionals and experts.


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What are the new advanced features of the HPDC Repository?
The HPDC Repository now offers an array of advanced features designed to elevate your experience. These include new customizable dashboards for efficient navigation, advanced filtering to rapidly pinpoint specific HPDs, a Download Queue for bulk document management, direct manufacturer communication for clarity and transparency, and seamless API integrations with other sustainability platforms.
How can I access the advanced dashboards and API integrations?
Access to the advanced dashboards and API integrations is exclusive to HPDC members. You can become a member by signing up on the HPDC website. Once you’re a member, you can easily navigate to these features within your account. API documentation and support will be provided to help with integration processes.
What kinds of filtering options are available in the Enhanced Repository?
The Enhanced HPDC Repository offers several new filtering options, including filtering by product category, certification type, exclusion of specific chemicals, LEED compliance, and more. These robust filters are designed to help you find the right products that comply with your project requirements more efficiently.
How can I provide feedback or suggestions about the new features?

At HPDC, we firmly believe in the value of your feedback. You can provide feedback through our regular surveys, or reach out directly via our feedback form on the website. Additionally, you can participate in our quarterly user experience meetings where we discuss upcoming updates and listen to users’ suggestions.

Connect. Collaborate. Construct.

Step into a new era of material health with the HPDC Repository’s Advanced Features. Empower your projects with unmatched access to sustainable material information.

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