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HPDC Client Toolkit Section 2: Firm Expertise

Communicating the expertise of your firm is a way to stand out from the competition and gain the respect of your clients for the decisions and recommendations you make on their behalf. In this section of the HPDC Client Toolkit, we’ll record relevant staff positions, firm tools, projects and programs that substantiate your firm’s expertise in transparency and material health.

Number of Trained Staff

Let’s start by getting clear about the existence of Sustainability Group(s), both formal and/or grass roots, within your organization. 

Tools in Use to Support Transparency/Material Health

What tools does your firm have in place to support staff in practicing transparency in material health?

Number of Projects Completed

Next, we’ll use project metrics to identify the level of use of transparency/material health on a project. To arrive at metrics, use examples from firms (??) and from periodicals on this question. Also, tap into the AIA/COTE toolkit for examples. Once you’ve arrived at metrics, we’ll ask you to calculate the percentage of firm projects where transparency/material health was practiced.  

Certifications of Staff

List internal certification programs, or internal education programs. You may want to consider taking advantage of the Parsons certificate (available now) or in the future HPDC/USGBC projects to create certification (in development soon).

Thought Leader Positions

List all staff who are in thought leader positions.


List all partnerships and affiliations with green building and material health organizations.