Call For Presentations for Manufacturers & Project Teams: 2022 Material Health Innovation Awards–Submit Your Product or Project Innovation by November 9, 2022.

Building Design Teams and Manufacturers are invited to share their organizations’ breakthrough Material Health innovations with colleagues during the Symposium. Four case study presentations (two from project teams and two from product manufacturers) will be selected to receive the new, Material Health Innovation Presentation award. Selections will be for those case studies that best demonstrate performance and results at the “leading edge” of Material Health innovation. Each of these case studies will be highlighted during the Symposium with a 15-minute presentation by the authors. All submissions that meet the entry requirements will be recognized with the Material Health Innovation Honorable Mention award, and will be included in the Symposium proceedings. All accepted case studies will also be featured in the new “Innovators” section of the HPDC website. You can view all materials from last year’s symposium here.

Application for Presentation 2022 - Material Health Open Innovation Symposium III

Please complete the following information to submit your application to participate in HPDC’s Material Health Open Innovation Symposium November 15, 2022.

(Self-nominations are accepted)
(Must be current HPDC General Member)
(Must be current HPDC General Member. May be nominee’s organization, or any other General Member organization.)

Presentation Innovation Details:

This statement should address key innovations, results and lessons learned in your firm's Material Health practice.