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Be a Champion of Material Health!

We have an exciting new member referral program that will help build the Material Health movement, while also benefitting you and your colleagues! Here’s how it works.

Simply tell a colleague about the benefits of practicing Material Health in green building and encourage them to join our community of practice. Have them get started with their membership here. When they join, you’ll receive 20% off your next annual membership renewal and the company you referred will ALSO receive 20% off their initial membership cost. New members can access their discount with this code when they register: HPDCREF22. For referring HPDC members to receive their discount upon renewal, send an email to with the new organization name that you referred to join. Once they join, you’re eligible for your renewal discount when it’s due!

Time limit: This offer is valid through August 31, 2022.

Refer Even More People

For anyone that has over 5 referrals you’ll get an additional 10% of your next renewal. Be sure email HPDC with the new organization name that joined.

Here’s What You Can Share With Your Friends.

Today, manufacturers at the forefront of green building are providing full transparency about their products’ chemical ingredients, leading to new business opportunities and better products. An exciting and rapidly expanding field of green buildingMaterial Healthis now being acknowledged as an essential part of leadership in green building projects.

Material Health methods empower building product manufacturers, architects, designers and building owners with easy access to detailed content information about building products. Now in wide use, The Health Product Declaration (HPD) Open Standard has evolved as the foundation for transparency reporting since its introduction in 2012, with more than 700 manufacturers providing material transparency data on over 33,000 products, with more added every day.

The Material Health Value Proposition.

Hundreds of manufacturers have embraced the benefits of Material Health product transparency in green building, understanding the value it brings to their companies. Investors, shareholders, financiers, and customers include a company’s green building programs as a part of brand value and competitiveness in areas such as product innovation, broader customer appeal, greater public trust, risk reduction, and an improved Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) score.

The formation of US Green Building Council (USGBC) in 1993 sparked the next wave of green building promoting sustainability in building design, construction, and operation. About a decade ago, a new field emerged within green building—Material Health—to address the impact of building materials on human and environmental health through product content transparency reporting. Use of USGBC’s LEED v4.1 Material Ingredient Credit has already topped 2,000 projects, involving 300 million square feet of total project area substituted.

Join The Leaders In Material Health.

Unlock an entire ecosystem of possibilities for creating increased value for your company and customers. Learn how easy and cost-effective it is to get started with Material Health reporting. HPD Collaborative (HPDC) is your trusted partner and will provide the foundational building blocks to help you achieve the benefits of Material Health leadership. With the HPD reporting system, you get:

Proven technology, growing industry adoption

The HPD Open Standard is the foundation for product transparency reporting. Over 330 companies are already HPDC members—from across the building industry: architects, designers, building owners, manufacturers, consultants, information systems and researchers. Together, HPDC members are moving material health forward. Help accelerate the progress by becoming an HPDC member today.

Simple, time-saving automated integration 

Once published, transparency data is shared using automated data exchange with many building product libraries including mindful Materials, Sustainable Minds and ecomedes. Reporting methods are harmonized with leading certification and rating programs such as LEED, WELL, Cradle to Cradle Certified®, Declare, GreenScreen CertifiedTM and many others.

Outstanding support

Web-based reporting tools, step-by-step instructions, technical support and many additional resources will help you get a quick start and simplify the entire process.

Low-cost entry point

Innovation and ongoing improvements to the HPDC information tools provide you with a low-risk, low-cost entry point. Connectivity with supply chain management tools, such as Toxnot, will help you grow and meet advanced Material Health needs.

Open High-Value Doors To Opportunity.

Being a leader in Material Health opens doors to new opportunities and business growth, from product innovation and competitive foresight, to strengthening long-term business relationships. Project teams are now asking for Material Health information. Be ready to meet your customers’ needs.  Join the leaders in Material Health. We’ll support you every step of the way.

“Our Corporate values focus on transparency across all of our operations. One of our Material Health goals was to eliminate hexavalent chromium and other chemicals of concern from our finishing process. We used the HPD to help us vet alternatives and ensure we were making the best choices for process and pretreatment chemicals. In addition, a single authoritative place to report product ingredients saves us a tremendous amount of time by eliminating duplication over multiple rating and verification agencies.”

Lisa Britton

Director of Sales & Marketing, Sustainability Champion, Industrial Louvers, Inc.