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Celebrating Milestones and Innovations in Material Health

Did you know that 12,000 HPDs now have been published in the HPD Public Repository?

That’s right. HPDs have become one of the easiest-to-use and fastest-growing sustainability methods in the green building ecosystem. This month material health committed manufacturers have collectively pushed through to this new level; another 200+ HPDs published in just the past several weeks alone. These HPDs represent more than 40,000 individual building products, making them an indispensable part of the information toolkit for green building project teams worldwide.

In this edition, we’ll share insights from the Material Health Open Innovation Symposium IV, introduce you to our groundbreaking HPD Builder Program Pre-Check, and highlight the vital role of our members and manufacturers in advancing material health practices. Plus, discover how you can become a part of this transformative journey.

Dive in to stay updated on the latest trends and advancements in material health.


All the best, – Wendy

Wendy Vittori, HPDC, Executive Director


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Material Health Open Innovation Symposium IV: Driving Progress in Sustainable Practices

Reflecting on a Day of Insight and Innovation

November 14 marked a landmark day in our calendar as we hosted the Material Health Open Innovation Symposium IV. This virtual symposium brought together the brightest minds and leading innovators in the field of material health, underscoring our commitment to advancing sustainable practices in the building industry.

Highlights from the Symposium:

  • Twelve Dynamic Presentations: We were privileged to witness twelve engaging presentations by front-runners in material health. These talks offered a comprehensive overview of the latest breakthroughs and emerging trends in the industry.
  • Diverse Perspectives: The symposium showcased a rich tapestry of insights from researchers, educators, manufacturers, architects, and designers. Their diverse viewpoints painted a holistic picture of the current state and future potential of material health.
  • Innovative Solutions: Attendees had the opportunity to explore innovative solutions and strategies to embed material health into their practices, reinforcing the importance of sustainability in building design and construction.

Experience the Symposium On-Demand:

Missed the live event? No worries! We have made the symposium sessions available on-demand. Watch at your convenience and dive into the wealth of knowledge shared by our distinguished speakers. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the world of green building, these sessions offer invaluable insights for everyone.

This symposium not only celebrated our current achievements but also set the stage for future innovations. As we continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of material health, events like these remind us of the power of collaboration and the importance of staying at the forefront of sustainable practices.

Introducing the HPD Builder Program Pre-Check: Streamlining Your Material Health Practices

Simplifying Material Health Integration in Project Planning

In our continuous quest to make sustainable building practices more accessible and efficient, we’re excited to announce the launch of the HPD Builder Program Pre-Check. This innovative tool, introduced in September, is designed to revolutionize how project teams incorporate material health into their product selection processes.

Key Benefits of the Program Pre-Check:

  • Ease of Use: The Program Pre-Check automates the evaluation of HPD reports, aligning them seamlessly with your firm’s specific material health requirements.
  • Time-Saving: By automating the evaluation process, project teams can significantly reduce the time spent assessing products, allowing more focus on design and implementation.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Manufacturers can easily check their products against your Program Pre-Check, streamlining communication and ensuring that the products you choose align with your material health values.

For Architecture and Design Firms:
Architecture, design, and other product-selecting firms can now easily integrate the HPD Builder Program Pre-Check into their workflows. This tool empowers you to make informed decisions quickly, ensuring that your project aligns with the highest standards of material health.

For Manufacturers:
Manufacturers are encouraged to utilize the Program Pre-Check to demonstrate alignment with specific health and sustainability criteria. This not only simplifies the process for project teams but also highlights your commitment to transparency and environmental responsibility.

Looking Forward:
Coming in December, we’re further enhancing the HPD Public Repository with advanced features. These will enable project teams to filter the entire digital database of over 5,000 HPD reports to find products that meet even the most detailed material health requirements.

The HPD Builder Program Pre-Check is more than a tool; it’s a step towards a future where sustainable building practices are the norm, not the exception. By simplifying and streamlining the process of incorporating material health into project planning, we’re making it easier for everyone to build a healthier, more sustainable world.


Innovation Spotlight

Rob Hacker and CaraGreen: Pioneering a Healthier Future with Lapitec

In this edition of Member’s Corner, we’re proud to spotlight Rob Hacker, Sales Manager at CaraGreen, and their groundbreaking work with Lapitec. As the industry seeks alternatives to materials with high crystalline silica content, CaraGreen is leading the way with a revolutionary solution. Watch the video.

The HPD Public Repository is the authoritative resource for all published HPDs. Visit the Repository to access over 12,000 published HPDs, representing over 40,000 building products, from 800+ manufacturers.

Thanks to the following 92 Manufacturers who’ve published 434 HPDs since September 5th 2023

Altro Ltd
Arabian Fiberglass Insulation Company Ltd. (L.L.C.)
Archifibe Inc.
ARDEX Engineered Cements
Armourcoat Ltd
Armstrong World Industries
ASI Group
AZEK Company
Barrier One Concrete Admixtures
Behr Paint Company
Benjamin Moore & Co.
Blue Ridge Fiberboard
Bostik, Inc.
carnegie fabrics
Construction Specialties
Crypton LLC
Don Construction Products
Eagle Roofing Products
EGO Dichtstoffwerke GmbH & Co. Betriebs KG
Evonik Corporation
Fireclay Tile
Flexco Corporation
GCP Applied Technologies
Glen Raven, Inc.
Gulf Coast Paint
H.B. Fuller Company
Henry Company

Jandris Block
Kelly-Moore Paints
Kingspan Insulation LLC
Knauf Insulation, Inc.
KONE Corporation
Kvadrat A/S
Landmark Ceramics
LATICRETE International
Mada Gypsum Company
Marmonil Marble and Granite
Metroflor Corporation
Momentive Performance Materials
Mountain Lumber Company
Nassimi LLC
National Clay Pipe Institute
Object Carpet
Package Pavement – Spec Mix
Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche S.p.A.
Pioneer Millworks
Pliteq Inc.
Roppe Corporation
Saint Gobain
Saudi Rock Wool Factory Co.
Senneca Holdings
Sonus North America
Spray-Lock, Inc.
The Euclid Chemical Company
The Senator Group
TK Elevator
Trebor Building Products Ltd
Valdese Weavers
Vector Foiltec GmbH
Vescom America Inc.

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WD Walls
Linea Ceiling and Wall Systems
Construction Specialties, Inc.
Amorim Cork Flooring
American Metalcraft Inc
DeaMor Associates Inc.

Santamargherita S.p.a.
RAK Ceramics
Mountain Lumber
Socotec, Inc.
Kingspan Insulation LLC
Fidelity Industries Inc.
Stockton Products
James Croft – Ind. Practitioner

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