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Material Health Practice – Take Your Next Step Today!
As your member association dedicated to the practice of Material Health, HPD Collaborative’s mission is to support you, as a material health practitioner. Our free Support Portal is available to all. We will respond personally to your questions. If you are just getting started, or have hit some roadblocks to progress, we are here to help you.
Manufacturers – HPDC will be hosting free, monthly Quick Start for Manufacturers Introductory sessions, beginning in September. Sign up today.
Summer 2021 – Material Health Practice continues its rapid growth. The commitment of manufacturers – now approaching 700 – to voluntary transparency and disclosure of building product information is creating a wave of change in the building products industry. Consider some additional data points:
  • Over 2500 new HPD reports have been published in the last year alone – that’s a 30% increase! – to now total over 8,600 HPDs in the HPD Public Repository.
  • Many product libraries now routinely offer material health reports to designers for selecting and specifying products.
  • Project teams are participating in record numbers with the LEED material health credit, Living Building Challenge, WELL and other building certifications that reward material health progress.
Consideration of health information is becoming an integral part of designing building products, creating the healthier buildings for all.
A huge thank you to our over 330 HPDC member companies and sponsors: your support makes our work possible. We are excited to announce a new benefit for HPDC general members – a dedicated page on the HPDC website to tell your material health story – see details below. If you are not already an HPDC member, please consider participating and supporting our work through your membership.
All the best to all of you,

Wendy Vittori, HPDC, Executive Director


SAVE THE DATE: November 16 Is The Second Open Innovation Material Health Symposium.

On Tuesday, November 16, 2021 HPDC will host the second Material Health Open Innovation Symposium from 12 to 5 pm ET. During this free Virtual Zoom event, attendees will learn about the progress made over the last year in the field of Material Health from researchers, educators, manufacturers, architects, designers and ecosystem partners. Nadav Malin, President of BuildingGreen, will moderate the Material Health Open Innovation Symposium.
Attention Manufacturers and Architects: Get your presentations ready for submission for the Second Material Health Open Innovation Symposium on November 16, 2021. This is your opportunity to share your material health leadership methods and results with colleagues during this virtual event. Hosted by HPD Collaborative, this is the second Symposium dedicated solely to the rapidly growing field of Material Health Practice. Apply below.

HPDC General Members Have Access To Free New Benefit! Share How You’re Making A Difference In Material Health.

Attention HPDC General Members! HPDC is offering a new, free benefit so that General Members can share the success of your organization in the field of Material Health. Starting in July, we’ll send you a link to a form where your team can provide us with the exciting details.
General Members – Please prepare stories and images for your very own dedicated Making A Difference In Material Health page on the HPDC website! If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact HPDC marketing Director Paula Schaper at:

HomeFree Provides Material Health Resources For Affordable Housing. 

During HPDC’s recent UAP and MAP meetings, Healthy Building Network’s HomeFree Manager Roberto Valle Kinloch presented an update HomeFree. The national initiative is helping leaders in the affordable housing sector improve human and environmental health by using less toxic building materials.
The goals of HomeFree are to raise awareness of toxic building materials and their associated health hazards, build the capacity of affordable housing practitioners to make informed decisions, and transform the current practice of affordable housing products specified to healthier options for everyone.
Today, thanks innovation in the building products industry, there are many new options for healthier and more affordable products that perform well. HPD reports increase the accessibility of material health information about building products.
Beginning with affordable housing, HBN hopes to ensure that solutions are affordable and scalable for any project or application.

HPDC Launches Social Equity Working Group To Implement New Measures In Building Industry.

HPDC’s newly formed Social Equity Working Group launched with their first meeting on May 7. Meeting every 3 weeks from May-September, the Group’s first goal is to define the scope of work HPDC should undertake, and define any other aspects related to social equity that are important for HPDC.
HPDC Executive Director Wendy Vittori said, “This group is focused on identifying information and practices that impact social equity as a result of making and using building products. We’re really excited to see what recommendations the group makes towards developing a Work Plan for review and approval by HPDC Technical Committee and HPDC Board of Directors.” 
Members include:
·      Arthur Clarke, HMTX
·      Mary Dickinson, Perkins&Will
·      Charles Griffin, Carnegie Fabrics
·      Jean Hansen, HDR
·      Dave Johnson, SERA
·      Amanda Kaminsky , Building Product Ecosystems
·      Susan Kaplan, HLW
·      Anthony Ravitz, Google
·      Lona Rerick, ZGF
·      Amy Running, Bora
·      Rebecca Stamm, HBN
·      Christine Tiffin, ARUP
·      Joel Ann Todd, USGBC Senior Fellow
·      Bill Walsh, HBN

HPDC Supports Implementation of the Principles for Chemical Ingredient Disclosure.

A coalition of over 100 businesses, governments, health care organizations, investors and non-governmental organizations have come together and endorsed the Principles for Chemical Ingredient Disclosure to accelerate chemical transparency across supply chains to consumers. The six principles were designed by a multi-stakeholder coalition over the last 18 months to frame the necessary steps for increasing access to information about chemicals in products and their hazards. The initiative was co-led by Clean Production Action and Interstate Chemicals Clearinghouse.
The HPD Collaborative and the HPD Open Standard fully support implementation of the Principles for Chemical Ingredient Disclosure by providing a methodology and tools for implementation. Manufacturers can report their products in full compliance with the Principles for Chemical Ingredient Disclosure using HPD reports. Additionally, by publishing an HPD report in the HPD Public Repository, manufacturers can provide free public access to these reports from the authoritative source for HPDs.

John Geyer, HPDC’s Director Of Manufacturer, Ecosystem and Information Technology Programs, Retires.

HPDC’s John Geyer, who has served as Director, Manufacturer, Ecosystem and Information Technology Programs for the last 5 years, retired on June 30, 2021. John managed the Manufacturing Advisory Panel (MAP) and Ecosystem Partners, and has also been responsible for developing HPDC information technology tools, such as the HPD Builder application, including the Supplier HPD Extension, and the HPD Public Repository. John Geyer said, “I’m retiring with very mixed feelings. I appreciate the opportunity I’ve had to participate in the extraordinary work that the HPD-Collaborative does, and am grateful for all that I have learned and for the relationships that I’ve been privileged to have while working here. But it is time for me to move on to the next stage of my life and spend more time with my family and other interests. I will remember my time with this community fondly and look forward to the phenomenal results I know will continue to result from your efforts.”
John plans on spending more time volunteering in the greater Phoenix area and spending more time with his wife Andrea, who retired as an elementary teacher a year ago, their four children, and six grand-children.
John – We wish you the very best!

Transparency and Material Health Webinar Materials Show How To Use HPDs & The Transparency Catalog.

Over 100 professionals joined HPDC and Sustainable Minds in May for the “Getting Started With Transparency and Material Health Webinar: Using HPDs & The Transparency Catalog.” The webinar was led by Terry Swack, Founder & CEO of Sustainable Minds and HPDC’s Executive Director Wendy Vittori and Program Director John Geyer.
If you were unable to attend this webinar, you can still learn about recent advances in ease-of-use and information technology tools that are now available to manufacturers, architects, engineers, contractors, and owners (AECOs) to help respond to the growing need for healthier and safer building products.
Using the HPD Builder API, every published HPD is added to the Transparency Catalog, and reviewed for rating systems credit eligibility and added to the appropriate MasterFormat® section to ensure accurate findability.
Together, we’re committed to simplifying product transparency reporting, making HPD data more understandable and meaningful and delivering easy to use and powerful tools.


If you would like to share your organization’s leadership story in the Members Corner, please contact us. Share you news, progress and update with Paula Schaper at:

Green Science Policy Institute Releases New Report On PFAS.

The HPD Public Repository is the authoritative resource for all published HPDs. Visit the Repository to access almost 8,000 published HPDs, representing over 20,000 building products, from 600+ manufacturers –

Thanks To The 79 Manufacturers Who Published 361 HPDs from May 24 – July 23, 2021:

Green Science Policy Institute has collected information on PFAS uses in the built environment from company websites, patents, peer-reviewed literature, and more. Its new Building a Better World report summarizes this information and proposes a path forward to reducing PFAS use in building materials. The goal of this report is to inform and inspire building owners, architects, designers, building product manufacturers, and government decision makers to eliminate unnecessary uses of PFAS and to promote the design and use of safer non-PFAS alternatives.

Activar Construction Products Group
Aeroflex USA
Angelus Block Co., Inc.
Anthology Woods
Arabian Vermiculite Industries
ARDEX Engineered Cements
Armstrong Flooring, Inc.
Armstrong World Industries
Aspecta N.A.
Avery Dennison Performance Tapes
AVM Industries
Benjamin Moore & Co.
carnegie fabrics
Ciment Quebec
ClarkDietrich Building Systems
Custom Building Products
DFB Sales
DuPont Specialty Products USA, LLC
Eco Safety Products
egetaepper A/S
EPI Synthetic Surface Materials B.V.
Gerflor USA
Golterman & Sabo, Inc
H.B. Fuller Company
Heartwork Inc.
Hohmann & Barnard, Inc.
Huntsman Building Solutions
Interstate Brick
Jazeera Factory for Paints Co
Kelly-Moore Paints
Kingspan Access Floors Ltd
Knauf Insulation, Inc.
Kvadrat A/S
LATICRETE International
Mannington Mills
Momentive Performance Materials
Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering
Monopole, Inc.
Nature fibres Inc.
Owens Corning
Pallas Textiles
Panduit Corp
pawling corporation
Polyguard Products
RectorSeal LLC
Saint Gobain
Shaw Contract
Southwire Company
Specified Technologies Inc.
Spinneybeck | FilzFelt
Stego Industries, LLC
Superior Essex
The Mitchell Group
The Steel Network, Inc.
Tnemec Company, Inc.
Unika Vaev
Valdese Weavers
Walker Glass Company Ltd.

HPDC continues to grow our membership now with over 300 member organizations.  Membership is open to any organization that participates in the industry and supports the goals of transparency and material health practice of the HPDC. See a full list of HPDC Members and Sponsors.


Please Join Us in Welcoming Our Newest Members to HPDC:

  • JSR Associates, Inc.
  • Lexington Manufacturing, LLC
  • Tibbetts Newport Corp 
  • Momentive Performance Materials
  • RMK Industries
  • Saint-Gobain Ecophon AB
  • Andreu World
  • LG Hausys South Korea, Inc
  • CaraGreen
  • Advanced Fiber Technology
  • Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope 
  • Littelfuse Inc
  • 3M
  • Vescom America, Inc.
  • Twitchell Technical Products, LLC
  • Edge Environment
  • Jazeera Factory for Paints Co.
  • EPI Synthetic Surface Materials b.V.
  • Pawling Corporation
  • Naturepedic Organic Mattresses
  • Incatro Room Acoustics BV
  • Bisley
  • Wolf Gordon
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