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HPDC Launches Material Health ToolSuite
The Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC) has launched the Material Health ToolSuite, a comprehensive set of tools that automates the complex task of evaluating the health impacts of building products, putting the power of material health assessment in the hands of every project team.

HPD PreCheck: Revolutionizing Product Evaluation

HPD PreCheck streamlines the material health evaluation process by allowing users to instantly screen building products against project requirements and leading certification criteria. This powerful tool, part of HPDC’s Material Health ToolSuite, reduces complex product evaluations from hours to mere minutes. By integrating HPD PreCheck with the comprehensive data in the HPD Public Repository, which features over 13,000 published HPD reports spanning more than 40,000 building products, project teams can now easily assess products and ensure compliance with their sustainability goals.

Customizable HPD Dashboards: Tailoring Your Workflow

HPD Dashboards, another key component of the Material Health ToolSuite, enable users to create personalized workspaces tailored to their unique needs. These customizable dashboards allow project teams to set up screening templates based on specific project requirements, company standards, or client preferences, facilitating a more focused and efficient material health evaluation process. By leveraging HPD Dashboards, users can streamline their workflows, collaborate with team members and stakeholders, and access the most relevant information for informed decision-making.

HPD Data Partners: Seamless Integration with Design Tools

The Material Health ToolSuite seamlessly integrates with popular product libraries and design tools through HPD Data Partners, allowing users to access HPD data directly from their preferred platforms. This integration enables a more efficient workflow, as designers and specifiers can evaluate products without leaving their familiar design environments. By leveraging the HPD API, the ToolSuite connects with industry-leading applications, making it easier than ever to incorporate material health considerations into the product selection process and streamline sustainability documentation.