When you Become a Member – You Support Transparency

As a not-for-profit, member organization, the Health Product Declaration® Collaborative (HPDC) can only succeed with the active support of the community committed to making transparency the norm in the building industry. Becoming a member of HPDC signals your organization’s commitment to the continuous improvement of the building industry’s performance – through transparency, openness and innovation in the practices of reporting, disclosure, specification and selection of building products.

Members are the heartbeat of HPDC.  Our Technical Committee – composed of seventeen members – leads the advancement of the HPD Open Standard.  The User and Manufacturer Advisory Panels enable members to work together to identify needed features, improvements and tools to make the creation and use of HPDs more effective, less complicated and time-consuming.  HPDC provides a growing number of educational and support tools for both users and manufacturers – with the active engagement of organizations in the broader ecosystem – such as consultants and information technology providers – all of whom need to work together to make the use of information found in HPDs a normal part of how buildings are designed and constructed.  Through the efforts of our members the HPD Open Standard will continuously improve to provide the transparency and disclosure that we want to achieve.

Financial support from our members is essential to sustaining this effort.  Membership annual dues, which begin at an affordable $500 per organization, provide the stable foundation necessary to support HPDC’s operations.  For organizations able to provide additional financial support, our Sponsorship program provides a way to contribute at a higher level, aligned with your organization’s goals and objectives.


The AIA recognizes that building materials impact the environment and human health before, during, and after their use. The AIA encourages architects to promote transparency in materials’ contents and in their environmental and human health impacts.

American Institute of Architects

December 2014

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