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“I want to know more about LEED credit benefits for manufacturers."

“I want to know more about LEED credit benefits for manufacturers"

HPDs - A flexible tool for achieving LEED v4 credit

Use of Health Product Declarations (HPDs) is one of the most common and easy ways of gathering documentation for compliance with LEED v4 MRc: Building Product Disclosure and Optimization: Material Ingredients. HPDs also contribute to the same credit in LEED v4.1.

How HPDs & LEED credits benefit Product Teams

Key reasons manufacturers need to utilize HPDs:

  • To make products eligible for rating system incentives such as LEED, WELL, and Living Building Challenge, increasing your product availability in the marketplace
  • To be more competitive within the green building industry
  • To identify areas of improvement for product formulations
  • To do all of this faster, easier, and at far less cost than other certification/declaration options such as EPDs.
  • To maximize marketing and PR opportunities when they make improvements in the health attributes of their products and human health in the built environment

HPDs published under version 2.1 and later offer a LEED Pre-Check Indicator

Pre-screen HPDs that meet LEED requirements. HPDs passing this Pre-Check can be found using the search filters in the HPD Public Repository. (The LEED Pre-Check has not yet been updated for LEED v4.1.). These products are identified as LEED qualified for those searching for products like yours.

Learn more about how HPDs and Material Health will help grow your business

Watch this 30-minute video with manufacturing experts to learn how you can create new opportunities for your products with Material Health.