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Maintain objectivity with Third Party Verifiers

Maintain objectivity with Third Party Verifiers

HPD Third Party Verification Benefits – Competitive Edge, Brand Equity

The HPD Collaborative (HPDC) Third Party Verification Program has been established to manage the credentialing and methodology for independent review and verification of completed Health Product Declarations (HPDs). The basic quality assurance provided by the Third Party Verification Program is that the verification is conducted through an objective process by an independent, approved Third Party Verifier.

Trust Through Independent Verification

For Manufacturers, the Third Party Verification program provides a reliable source for approved consultants who can help in preparing and verifying HPDs. It gives manufacturers the opportunity to have your HPDs verified by an independent and recognized expert as fully compliant with the HPD Open Standard, providing your current and prospective customers with an added level of confidence in your products.

Enhanced Company Reputation, PR Opportunities

The verification process also allows for greater confidence in the information provided by your suppliers, as well as enhancing your company reputation by taking steps to assure your products meet the highest possible Project requirements.

About the HPDC-Approved Third Party Verification Program

  • The Third Party Verification Program is managed by the HPD Collaborative (HPDC), a not-for-profit, member organization responsible for the maintenance and evolution of the HPD Open Standard.
  • A senior member of the HPDC staff, the Program Director, has overall responsibility for, and oversees the Program.
  • Development of the Program content is the responsibility of the Third Party Verification Technical Sub Group. This group is a committee of HPDC member representatives, appointed by the HPDC Technical Committee.
  • Approval of the Program content and approval of Verifiers is the responsibility of the HPDC Technical Committee.

Third Party Verification Program Overview

Designed for manufacturers who are contemplating verification for their HPDs, this presentation is hosted by HPDC Executive Director Wendy Vittori. Former HPDC Program Manager John Geyer provides a brief overview of the program and introduces you to the approved verification firms that have successfully completed the application process and are now ready to work with manufacturers to verify your HPDs.