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Making a Difference in Material Health Gallery

Tell us about your organization.

Rewoodd cares deeply about the environment.  Our mission is to protect the environment the best we can with our work. Through our work, we repurpose nature’s redwood planks that would have been otherwise destroyed and create improved materials used in the production process. We are proud to be 100% Sustainable Sourced and Eco-Friendly.  Our company is comprised of a skilled team that feels much more like a family.  We’re dedicated to the craft of transforming naturally beautiful, reclaimed redwood (primarily old growth) into a product that is visually appealing and easy to install.      The application of our products is only limited by one’s imagination.  While accent walls remain the most popular,  we’re inspired to see countless other transformations such as ceilings, headboards, mirrors, frames, tables, barn doors and more.   We’re committed to safety each batch of redwood is tested multiple times for hazardous chemicals.  We properly dispose of boards with these chemicals which have far less PPM of contamination than allowed by the federal government.  The end result is a stunning art installation you can feel at ease bringing into your home or office.   Rewoodd brings the most beautiful, reclaimed redwood solutions to life, its Easy Going Green.

What is your organization’s most notable accomplishment to date in the field of Material Health?

We have made several investments, that have increased and improved Material Health. Most notable have been with saws that trim Redwood material down to 1/10,000 of an inch of accuracy resulting in creating the best Tongue and Groove panels and with a wood planers that makes our Peel & Stick Paneling. Additionally, we made an investment in a Gamma Gun that tests for over 80 hazardous chemicals down to seven layers of the depth of the wood panels falling well above the Federal Guidelines for environmental safety.

What plan did you follow to achieve this accomplishment?

Our plan was to be 100% sustainable within the first two years of our company. Through our investments and commitment to this plan, we achieved this within the first year. We are also committed to save old growth Redwood trees. To achieve our plan and fulfill our commitment we invested in the equipment that is used to make Rewoodd which takes the beauty and history of this material to make truly unique wood paneling for any opportunity inside or outside (T&G only). Our repurposed materials brings a modern feature, whether an accent wall or an entire room, that has old world soul and ambience to any space Some of this work includes sourcing material from old, about to be replaced, Redwood structures. Stripping and cleaning these planks and posts so they can be recycled versus otherwise being taken to a land fill. The planks create Rewoodd and the posts make our jumbo custom made, lattice which has been noted as the best in the category. Other investments include- An Air Burner which allows us to dispose of all unrecyclable materials in the most environmentally friendly process rather then sending materials to the dump. We recycle nails, hinges, latches, and Redwood saw dust Our sales associates drive Teslas and we run electric forklifts in our manufacturing facility

What are the most important actions you’ve taken within your organization to support Material Health?

Our investments have been made to not only to help the environment, but also keep our associates safe while using our items. This has been accomplished through product education and process training with new and existing employees. We also invested in and utilize the safest saws, planers, and a Gamma Gun to ensure the highest safety and quality. To help the environment further we utilize an Air Burner which allows us to dispose of all unrecyclable materials in the most environmentally friendly process rather then sending materials to the dump. We recycle nails, hinges, latches, and Redwood saw dust. Lastly our sales associates drive Teslas and we run electric forklifts in our manufacturing facility.

What are the measurable results of this Material Health accomplishment?

Since starting Rewoodd, we have repurposed over 3480 tons of mostly old growth California Redwood that would have been otherwise sent to a landfill. Furthering our efforts are important due to the significance of Redwood trees. These trees are the most significant as they have been noted to keep our air clean by removing carbon dioxide and mitigating the harmful effects of climate change. We also use our Air Burner to environmentally burn all waste resulting from our various projects . Additionally, our Air Burner serves as a resource for other fence and landscaping companies within Northern California. As a result, we have created a process which saves countless tons of waste going to our local landfills and prevents numerous diesel burning trucks from emitting pollutants while waiting in long landfill lines.

How can people learn more about your organization’s work in Material Health?

We’ve been leaders in the wood industry for over 30 years, with a passion for the environment and preserving natures majestic redwoods. We are proud to be 100% Sustainable Sourced and Eco-Friendly. To learn more about Rewoodd’s success with Material Health, please visit our website at:

“We care deeply about the environment and have made the investments necessary to what could have been otherwise dumped. It is with these efforts we created Rewoodd, one of the best quality, safe, and environmentally friendly items in the wood paneling category. Overall, it is “Easy Going Green” – Reuben J. Borg, Owner, Rewoodd

What advice would you give other organizations about practicing Material Health based on the lessons you’ve learned through your work?

It is easy going green if a company is 100% committed to doing research, making smart investments and educating themselves and their employees in seeking opportunities to repurpose products and reimagine their use. Our company was born from a deep examination of how our existing products and practices were potentially adversely affecting our environment and how we could do our part to contribute to improving the environmental health of our world. Though a thorough examination, we determined steps necessary to refine our processes and products which resulted in creating an eco-responsible operational plan. This process takes vision, investment and time to come to fruition. Any individual or company can operate as eco-friendly and eco-responsible and also be profitable. In many ways, companies who choose this path will find success and profits not only in their bottom line, but in the satisfaction knowing they are creating sustainable products that add value to our environment, not deplete it.