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Manage proprietary ingredients with the Supplier Extension

Manage proprietary ingredients with the Supplier Extension

Value of the Supplier HPD Extension

One of the challenges facing manufacturers when creating an HPD is the need for supplier’s collaboration during the data gathering stage in order to complete their product content’s inventory and perform hazard screening.

Now, manufacturers can send product ingredient data requests to suppliers using the Supplier HPD Extension to the HPD Builder. This process provides a user-friendly interface with suppliers and automates what otherwise can be a long and arduous task, saving significant time by allowing the supplier to provide data directly into the builder. IMPORTANTLY, the supplier may, as needed, report ingredient contents while maintaining confidentiality as to any proprietary concerns they may have regarding product formulation in reporting their data.

The Supplier HPD Extension Quick Start Training Guide

HPDC has provided a free, complete step-by-step how-to guide, including demonstrations, for both manufacturers and suppliers utilizing the Builder Supplier Extension.

The training guide is Intended to teach the basic concepts about HPDs and make it easier for suppliers to use the Builder Extension to provide ingredients data to manufacturers. The training guide also supports the manufacturers’ efforts to educate suppliers on HPD requirements and promote the use of the Supplier HPD Builder Extension tool.

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