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Join 300+ Leaders in Sustainable Manufacturing by Creating HPDs.

Creating HPDs for your products makes it easy to document and disclose what’s in them.

HPDs are a common way of gathering documentation for compliance with LEED and other rating system incentives such as WELL, and Living Building Challenge.

As an HPDC member, you can create unlimited HPDs and perform comprehensive hazard screenings and detailed product reports in less time for all your products. We’ve developed this series of Q&As to help you get started or continue your progress with Material Health!

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do HPDs help me grow my business?
How do I create my first HPD?
What are the LEED credit benefits for manufacturers?
Can I have HPDs for our products prepared by another party?
How do I access the Builder and create more HPDs?
How does the Supplier Extension to the Builder save time and solve ingredient proprietary reporting issues?
What is the value of having third party HPD verification?
How do I access training materials, databases, and public protocols for Manufacturers?