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Join 300+ Leaders in Sustainable Manufacturing by Creating HPDs.

Creating HPDs for your products makes it easy to document and disclose what’s in them.

HPDs are a common way of gathering documentation for compliance with LEED and other rating system incentives such as WELL, and Living Building Challenge.

As an HPDC member, you can create unlimited HPDs and perform comprehensive hazard screenings and detailed product reports in less time for all your products. Join our instructional webinar to get started building with HPDs today!

CASE STUDY: Industrial Louvers, Inc.

Demand for Product Transparency Drives Enhanced Performance Criteria Screens 

Establish yourself as a leader in the green building industry with the HPD Builder

Our HPD Builder is the easiest, most accurate way to create and manage HPDs.

The HPD Builder is a guided tool for entering data, performing hazard screening and formatting your reports to be consistent with the HPD Open Standard. The automated, interactive features make it easy to comply with sustainable manufacturing practices and establish your organization as a leader in the green building industry.

All HPDs created in the HPD Builder are automatically published in our HPD Public Repository, helping project teams easily locate and download PDF copies of the HPD for consideration in new green building projects.

The latest version of the HPD Builder (v2.3) includes advanced features such as LEED pre-check and a new Supplier Extension, making it even easier to:

  • Qualify for rating system incentives and certifications
  • Increase your product’s availability in the marketplace
  • Identify areas of improvement for product formulations
  • Provide free worldwide marketing + press opportunities


Learn the basics of HPDs with the Manufacturer Quickstart 

Our Manufacturer Quick Start Course walks you and your team through the basics of HPDs, including data requirements and reporting scope. It also provides a demo of our HPD Builder so you know exactly how to create HPDs for your products, from gathering data to creating and publishing your first HPD.

Manufacturer FAQ’s

What does it cost to get started?

Unlimited use of the HPD Builder is an included benefit of your HPDC membership. If you are already an HPDC member, you must first register to establish your account and begin using HPD Builder by visiting our membership page.

Use of HPD Builder is also available to those who are not HPDC members, in a five (5) HPD bundle pack. To purchase these tokens, click here.  If you wish to upgrade to full HPDC membership after making your purchase, you may receive a credit towards your annual membership dues, within 60 days of purchase.

Please contact our membership department ( to upgrade your qualifying purchase to membership status.

What benefits can I expect to see as a member?

Hundreds of manufacturers have embraced the benefits of HPDs and Material Health product transparency in Green Building, understanding the value it brings to their companies for Investors, shareholders, financiers, and customers.

You can see a complete list of benefits and download our brochure explaining these benefits in detail here.

Where can I learn more about HPDs before getting started?

Our Health Product Declaration® Manufacturer Guide provides the practical “how to” information for creating HPDs.

The guide also offers background information for the HPD Open Standard to help you better understand the format, what an HPD report contains, and how you can successfully complete the process of gathering and reporting information.

Can I have someone prepare my HPDs for me?


We have an HPDC Preparer Program that enables manufacturers to work with approved preparers to ensure that HPDs they have created are compliant with the HPD Open Standard. The Program is underpinned by the credibility of the HPD Open Standard and the expertise of the approved preparers. This expertise is determined through a rigorous application and approval process, backed up with periodic audits to ensure continued compliance with program guidelines, and overseen by HPDC staff and the HPDC Technical Committee. Upon successful approval, firms become an “Approved Preparer” and are authorized to display the HPDC logo with this designation.

Click here to learn more and see our complete list of approved HPD Preparers.

Do you have HPDs verified by any third parties?

Yes, our Third Party Verification Program has been established to manage the credentialing and methodology for independent review and verification of completed Health Product Declarations (HPDs). The basic quality assurance provided by the Third Party Verification Program is that the verification is conducted through an objective process by an independent, approved Third Party Verifier.

Click here for complete details.