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Automated Tools to Make Material Health Evaluation Fast, Easy and Accessible for Every Project

Evaluating the material health of building products has traditionally been a time-consuming, resource-intensive process.
Project teams often need to assess hundreds of products, adding significant time and cost to the design phase. This has put material health evaluation out of reach for most projects.

MHT™ dramatically streamlines material health evaluation, reducing the process from hours to minutes. By integrating HPD Precheck, HPD Dashboards, the HPD Public Repository, and the HPD API, MHT provides a comprehensive, user-friendly solution for product evaluation and selection.

Simplify Material Health Assessment with MHT™

Rapid Assessment

Evaluate product alignment with program criteria and project requirements in minutes using HPD PreCheck.

Seamless Integration

Access HPD data directly from your preferred product libraries and design tools through HPD Data Partners.

Extensive Database

Tap into the power of the HPD Public Repository, featuring 13,000 HPDs covering more than 40,000 building products.

Custom Workspaces

Tailor your material health workflow to your project’s unique needs using customizable HPD Dashboards.

Simple Certification

Save time and effort in the documentation process for certifications by exporting HPDs with a single click.

Industry Leaders Endorse the Impact of MHT™

At Bora, using material health information to inform specification decisions is a priority. MHT will dramatically reduce the time required to access and understand this information, so it is immediately useful in making product selection decisions during any phase of a project. This is a big win for our project teams, our clients, and our collective ability to specify building products that are better for people and the environment.

Mike Manzi

Associate Principal, Bora Architecture and Interiors

Selecting and specifying building products requires researching and balancing a wide variety of factors. Material Health ToolSuite makes it easy and efficient to quickly perform material health evaluations in the HPD Public Repository. The promise of these evaluations seamlessly connecting to the various product library and project workflow tools we use is game-changing. Setting criteria for automated HPD reviews which are digitally connected to where we work will save time, reduce errors, and most importantly, allow us to apply healthier materials criteria in our typical project work.

Lona Rerick

Principal, ZGF Architects

Powerful Tools Included in Material Health ToolSuite™

The Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC) is transforming the building industry with the launch of the Material Health ToolSuite™. This comprehensive set of tools automates the complex task of evaluating the health impacts of building products, putting the power of material health assessment in the hands of every project team.

HPD Open standard

The foundation of MHT, the HPD Open Standard ensures accurate, reliable and consistent reporting of product data. With over 40,000 building products using this standard, it is the industry's most widely used material health methodology.

HPD Builder

Streamline the creation, management, and publication of HPDs. HPD Builder supports manufacturers, third-party preparers, and verifiers in reporting material health data and includes HPD Precheck for quick product assessment.

HPD PreCheck

HPD PreCheck, integrated into HPD Dashboards and HPD Builder, allows project teams to efficiently evaluate materials against health-based criteria. Manufacturers can also use it to quickly assess and communicate their products' alignment with project requirements.

HPD Public Repository

Access 13,000 published HPDs for over 40,000 products in the HPD Archive. New HPD Dashboards provide customizable workspaces for targeted searches, while the HPD Download Queue enables one-click export of selected reports for certification submissions.

HPD Data Partners

Enable seamless integration with your preferred product libraries and project workflow tools using HPD APIs. This automated data exchange from HPD Builder and HPD Public Repository ensures timely delivery and high data integrity for qualified data partner systems.


What is material health?

Material health is about understanding what a product is made of and how those ingredients might affect people and the planet. It involves identifying and minimizing the use of hazardous substances while promoting the use of safer, healthier alternatives.

By evaluating and optimizing the material health of building products, we can create healthier, more sustainable spaces that promote the well-being of building occupants and minimize negative environmental impacts.

What is the Material Health ToolSuite?
The Material Health ToolSuite is a suite of integrated tools designed to streamline and automate material health evaluations, making it easier for project teams to make informed decisions about healthier building materials.
How does MHT streamline material health evaluation?

By integrating powerful tools like HPD Precheck and custom Dashboards with the comprehensive data in the HPD Public Repository, MHT reduces complex product evaluations from hours to minutes. Project teams can now easily assess products against leading certification criteria and project-specific requirements.

How can I access MHT?

MHT is available as an included benefit for HPDC members and for a nominal fee for non-members. Simply visit our website to get started. MHT can also be accessed directly from popular product libraries and design tools through our API integrations.

How does the HPD contribute to LEED?
HPDs play a crucial role in achieving the LEED Material Ingredients credit, with over 5,000 project teams using material health information in their projects.
What is an HPD?
An HPD, or Health Product Declaration, is a standardized report of a product’s contents and associated health information, following the HPD Open Standard.
How does the Material Health ToolSuite work with the HPD Open Standard?
The Material Health ToolSuite builds upon the foundation of the HPD Open Standard, leveraging the standardized data format to enable advanced features such as pre-checks against certification programs, custom dashboards, and seamless integration with other tools via API partnerships.

Transform your approach to material health evaluation

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  • Discover how MHT can dramatically reduce the time and effort required for material health evaluations, enabling you to easily compare products and make informed decisions
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