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Meet Material Health project goals with HPDs

Meet Material Health project goals with HPDs

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Project Teams can benefit immensely by using HPDs to source healthier products, qualify for green building certifications such as LEED, and meet overall project goals. Understanding HPDs is a gateway to success in Material Health practices, opening opportunities to explore the thousands of products for which HPDs are available via the HPD Public Repository. They are also available through product libraries and directories such as Ecomedes, mindful Materials, Origin and Sustainable Minds.

Watch Transparency & Material Health in Practice Discussion Series

We recommend that you review the ‘Transparency and Material Health in Practice’ Discussion Series, where you’ll hear from architecture and design practitioners how they have implemented transparency and material health in their practice and projects. There are 8 videos in the series; Please review the descriptions and select the one(s) you find most closely relate to your interests.

Take our free HPDC Introduction to Material Health Course

This free training and educational course centers on several informative and educational elements specifically developed to guide Project Teams toward understanding and utilizing the benefits of HPDs. Get started down the path to healthier product choice availability, credits such as LEED, and more overall opportunity for your organization.