Membership Application

The Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC) is a membership organization dedicated to the support and evolution of the Health Product Declaration ® Open Standard. Membership is open to organizations who are actively engaged in the creation, use and/or support of the HPD Open Standard. Each organization member is entitled a specified number of individual participants, based on the type of membership. The HPDC is a non-profit, recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(6) trade association.

Membership Term: Membership rights and privileges begin upon receipt of the completed application and payment in full. Membership is for twelve months from the membership admission date. See below for payment terms.

If you do not wish to complete this document online, please download and complete the HPDC Membership Agreement and email to

Membership Application 2

Organization Applicant Information

Contact Information

Primary Business Contact: This is the contact from your organization assigned to be the lead voting contact for the membership on behalf of your company. (All legal and financial notices from HPDC will be sent to this e-mail address unless the member directs otherwise)

Billing Contact (if different from Primary Contact above)

Membership Information


An organization that does not manufacture product(s) for which HPDs would be an applicable disclosure too, but which uses, or intends to use, HPDs directly in the course of their business activities. Examples: Architecture, Design, Engineering and Construction firms.


Manufacturer - An organization that develops and/or manufactures product(s) for which HPDs would be an applicable disclosure too. In instances where an entity or individual both creates and uses an HPD, they should select the Manufacturer category.

Examples: Firms that develop and/or manufacture products used as building materials. Firms that develop and/or manufacture materials or substances that are integrated into building materials.


1. An organization that provides products and/or services that utilize or produce HPD-related information. Examples are makers of interpretive tools, consulting services, verification services.
2. An organization that works in an advocacy, policy and/or regulatory capacity in areas relevant to the HPD.

NOTE: Additional supporting documents may be required. Governmental agencies and NGOs receive a 50% reduction from the HPDC membership fees. The reduction is to be applied upon checkout for credit card payments and/or reflected on the invoice.

Membership Participants

All HPDC Members have access to the HPDC Member Portal, a source of information on the HPD Open Standard and the activities of the HPDC. Each Membership Category includes a designated listing in the HPDC Membership Directory, and provides specified credits for education resources and discounts applicable to ala carte purchases of resource materials. View a full itemization of these membership benefits membership benefits.

Each membership category additionally entitles the member organization and its individual participants to certain defined roles and responsibilities within the HPDC Membership and and Technical Committee organization, as follows:

Affiliate Member. Annual Dues: $500 – Affiliate member organizations may nominate participants for HPDC Technical Sub-Groups and may also participate in the relevant Advisory Panel for their category of membership. Affiliate Membership includes 2 individual participants.

General Member. Annual Dues: $1,500 –General Member organizations are eligible to nominate participants (employees of their organization) for election to the Board of Directors and for selection as a member of the Technical Committee. General Member participants may serve as HPDC Board officers and Technical Committee chairs and vice-chairs. General Members vote in the election of the Board of Directors (one vote per member organization). General Member organizations may nominate participants for HPDC Technical Sub-Groups and may also participate in the relevant Advisory Panel for their category of membership. General Membership includes 5 individual participants.

General Membership

5 company participants included in membership are the Primary Contact identified above plus 4 additional company representatives. Please identify these other participants below:
Participant 2
Participant 3
Participant 4
Participant 5

Affiliate Membership

Two company participants included in that membership are the Primary Contact identified above and one additional company representative. Please identify the additional participant below:
ADDITIONAL PARTICIPANTS:You are welcome to have more participants from your company for an additional fee of $250 per participant.
(Note: once you have completed your membership application, you will be given the opportunity to designate individual participants via our online member portal.
Visit http://www, for a full list of membership benefits by category.


By signing this Application for Membership the Applicant certifies that it meets the conditions of Membership specified in this Application, and that it has accurately stated the Membership group and category selected above.

The Applicant hereby agrees to payment of annual Membership dues and fees as determined by the Board of Directors. The Applicant at any time and for any reason may choose to withdraw membership from HPDC. Should the Applicant choose to do so, the Applicant should provide an official written notice to HPDC of the intent to discontinue the membership and HPDC will end the membership per the Applicant’s request. Applicant acknowledges that membership dues paid for the remaining months of the annual membership period are not refunded if the membership concludes, for any reason, before the end of the annual membership period.

The Applicant consents to the delivery by HPDC of notices to the designated Primary Contact and other contacts listed by email or any other means of electronic transmission from time to time chosen by HPDC.

(Organization Name)

Next Steps

Upon submitting the membership application using the button below, you will be directed to the membership payment page. Before submitting, please ensure the information you entered on the membership form is correct and accurate.

Once you click submit, you will be directed to the payment shopping cart. Payment in full is required to activate your membership, so please be sure to complete all steps of the payment process.

HPDC Members receive a specified number of participant user accounts: General Members receive five (5), while Affiliate Members receive two (2). Members that require additional participant user accounts can purchase them (for $250/each) after the membership application and payment process has been completed. HPDC staff will instruct on the process for acquiring additional participant accounts.