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Transform Material Health Evaluation with HPD PreCheck and Custom Dashboards

Instantly screen for building products that align with leading certification requirements, and create custom Dashboards to streamline your material health evaluation process.

HPD PreCheck: Instant Screening Against Material Health Requirements

Quickly screen building products against project material health requirements to ensure compliance and streamline your documentation process.

Custom Dashboards: Personalized Evaluation

Create custom Dashboards tailored to your unique project requirements, company standards, or client preferences for a more focused and efficient material health evaluation.

HPD Public Repository Integration: Comprehensive Data

Leverage the power of the HPD Public Repository, with over 13,000 published reports, to access the most comprehensive and up-to-date material health data for your screening needs.

Explore HPD PreCheck and Dashboards Now

HPD PreCheck: Streamline your material health evaluation

  • Instantly evaluate building products against project requirments
  • Save time and ensure compliance with your project’s sustainability goals
  • Simplify your documentation and reporting for green building certifications

Custom Dashboards: Tailor your material health screening to your unique needs

  • Create personalized Dashboards based on your project requirements, company standards, or client preferences
  • Set up custom screening templates for different project types or certification systems
  • Collaborate with your team members and stakeholders

HPD Public Repository Integration: Access comprehensive and reliable material health data

  • Seamlessly connect with the HPD Public Repository, featuring over 13,000 published HPD reports
  • Trust the data powered by the industry-standard HPD Open Standard
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest material health information for informed decision-making

Industry Leaders Endorse the Impact of HPDC

At Bora, using material health information to inform specification decisions is a priority. MHT will dramatically reduce the time required to access and understand this information, so it is immediately useful in making product selection decisions during any phase of a project. This is a big win for our project teams, our clients, and our collective ability to specify building products that are better for people and the environment.
Mike Manzi

Associate Principal, Bora Architecture and Interiors

Selecting and specifying building products requires researching and balancing a wide variety of factors. Material Health ToolSuite makes it easy and efficient to quickly perform material health evaluations in the HPD Public Repository. The promise of these evaluations seamlessly connecting to the various product library and project workflow tools we use is game-changing. Setting criteria for automated HPD reviews which are digitally connected to where we work will save time, reduce errors, and most importantly, allow us to apply healthier materials criteria in our typical project work.
Lona Rerick

Principal, ZGF Architects


What certification systems does HPD PreCheck support?

HPD PreCheck supports instant screening against a wide range of leading green building certification systems, including LEED, WELL, Living Building Challenge, and more.

How can I create custom Dashboards for my projects?

Custom Dashboards can be easily created and tailored to your specific needs. You can set up personalized screening templates based on your project requirements, company standards, or client preferences.

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Becoming an HPDC member offers several key benefits that support your organization’s commitment to material health and transparency in the building industry.

  • Unlimited HPD creation and publishing using the HPD Builder and Public Repository.
  • Access to HPD PreCheck and Dashboards for ensuring data quality and tracking HPD engagement.
  • Participation in advancing the HPD Open Standard through the Technical Committee and Advisory Panels.
  • Educational resources and support tools for effective HPD creation and use.
  • Demonstrating leadership in driving industry progress on transparency and material health.