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Approved Preparer Requirements & Process


The requirements for qualifying Approved Preparers are designed to identify those organizations with sufficient knowledge, experience, resources, and demonstrated business practices to effectively execute preparation projects. These requirements are nearly identical to Third Party Verifier requirements and include:

Organization Level Requirements

  • HPDC General Membership
  • 5 Years Relevant Experience in one or more of the following areas:
    • Material Science
    • Engineering
    • Toxicology/Chemistry
    • Environmental Science or related field
  • Resources to handle all work in-house – this work will not be outsourced, which means that permanent or contract associates will do all work (including QA) within the system/processes of the preparing organization.
  • Adherence to ISO 17065 Requirements for Bodies Certifying Products, Processes and Services.
    • While the preparer’s operational practices must be documented to demonstrate conformance to ISO 17065, certification to ISO 17065 is not required.
    • The Specific ISO 17065 sections that apply are:
      • 2 Mechanism for safeguarding impartiality
      • 1.1.2 The personnel shall be competent for the functions they perform
      • 1.1.3 Personnel shall keep confidential all information obtained or created during verification
      • 1.2.1 The verification body shall establish, implement and maintain a procedure for management of competencies of personnel involved in the verification process
      • 4.1 The verification body shall have a plan for the evaluation activities to all for the necessary arrangements to be managed.
      • 4.2 The verification body shall assign personnel to perform each evaluation task that it undertakes with its internal resources.
      • 4.9 The results of all evaluation activities shall be documented prior to review.
      • 12 Records.
    • Annual audits of the preparing organization to maintain approval

For each individual conducting preparation

  • Mandatory HPDC Training has been successfully completed prior to conducting preparations
  • Successful completion of required ongoing training specified by their employers or the HPDC

Process for Preparer Approval

Prospective preparers begin with an online application which allows them to respond to each requirement through statements of compliance and supporting documentation.  After an initial review of the application by HPDC staff, the application undergoes an audit process that may include further discussion with the applicant and review of any additional documentation that may be required.  The application and audit documentation is then reviewed by a panel made up of HPDC staff and members of the Third Party Programs Technical Sub-Group and the Technical Committee.  Final approval comes from the HPDC Technical Committee.

After approval is granted, any individual who will be conducting preparations must complete the mandatory training (if they haven’t already done so), prior to commencing work on preparations. Thereafter, the preparing organization must undergo an annual audit to review their qualifications and business practices as well as discussing a random sampling of their preparations with the HPDC Auditor.

If you are interested in becoming an Approved Preparer, please complete the information request form here: