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Join Project Teams Building Safer Places for People to Live, Work & Visit.

HPDs make selecting the best products for your projects simple and straightforward.

As an HPDC member, it’s easy to capture material health credits for LEED and other certification programs. Simply search our HPD Public Repository for key ingredients, verify the safety of products you choose for projects, and gather detailed reports in minutes.

Get started by searching over 40,000 building products that already have a Health Product Declaration.

CASE STUDY: San Francisco Airport (SFO)

SFO: Poised to Become the World’s Most Sustainable, Healthy Airport.

How Can HPDs Help My Business Grow?

HPDs make it easy for Project Teams to keep track of and monitor product research and communicate with manufacturers.

Incorporating health considerations in your building product selection is essential for architectural, interior design, or related project teams. Pursuing sustainable building certifications like LEED, WELL, Clean Production Action, and BIFMA can increase billable hours and qualify you for growth opportunities. HPDs follow the HPD Open Standard endorsed by industry leaders, providing an efficient way to select products that meet specific build criteria, perform hazard screening, and match most rating and certification programs.

With the HPD Public Repository, maintained by HPDC, manufacturers can upload their HPDs for easy access to information about building products by architects, designers, project teams, and interested parties. The repository’s search feature allows users to find HPDs by manufacturer, product name, CSI MasterFormat® classification, or HPD version.

Watch our free Transparency Webinar to learn more.

Ready to Get Started with HPDs?

Our free HPDC Introduction to Material Health Course shows you how HPDs can help you choose healthier products, earn LEED credits and meet other certification criteria, and create several other growth opportunities for your project team. You’ll even hear from other architecture and design practitioners and how they have successfully implemented material health practices into their recent building projects.

Project Team FAQ’s

What does it cost to get started?

Unlimited use of the HPD Builder is an included benefit of your HPDC membership. If you are already an HPDC member, you must first register to establish your account and begin using HPD Builder by visiting our membership page.

Use of HPD Builder is also available to those who are not HPDC members, in a five (5) HPD bundle pack. To purchase these tokens, click here.  If you wish to upgrade to full HPDC membership after making your purchase, you may receive a credit towards your annual membership dues, within 60 days of purchase.

Please contact our membership department ( to upgrade your qualifying purchase to membership status.

What benefits can I expect to see as a member?

Hundreds of manufacturers have embraced the benefits of HPDs and Material Health product transparency in Green Building, understanding the value it brings to their companies for Investors, shareholders, financiers, and customers.

You can see a complete list of benefits and download our brochure explaining these benefits in detail here.

Where can I learn more about HPDs before getting started?

Our Health Product Declaration® Project Team Guide provides the practical “how to” information for using HPDs.

The guide also offers background information for the HPD Open Standard to help you better understand the format, what an HPD report contains, and how you can quickly navigate reporting and perform certification pre-checks.

What does it mean to “practice transparency in the area of material health?”

You may be wondering this, as many Project Teams do.

We thank you for asking and pursuing a safer environment for us all! We offer several courses and PDFs to help you quickly grasp the impact of Material Health and how to practice transparency in ways that benefit you and your clients. Simply click here to browse them all, or start with our free course, An Introduction to Material Health. It’s our pleasure to support you on your journey to a cleaner, safer world.

What is the HPD Open Standard?

The HPD Open Standard provides a rigorously-defined specification for a standard format and instructions to accurately, reliably and consistently report the material contents of a building product, and associated health information. Since its initial release in 2012, the Standard has been voluntarily adopted by the majority of leading green building rating and certification programs, with the goal of harmonizing the reporting of the data encompassed within the Standard across all industry programs.

It ensures that the underlying information upon which ratings and certifications are made is accurate, reliable and consistent across green building programs. The end result is higher quality data and more efficient reporting and use of data across the entire green building ecosystem.

Click here for complete details.