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Store your Material Health research in one location

Store your Material Health research in one location

Discover Building Products with Ease

Simplify Your Workflow with an HPD Public Repository Account

With an HPD Public Repository account, you can streamline your workflow and simplify the building product selection process. By registering, you can establish an account to store your work-in-progress and maintain a history of selected and downloaded HPDs. This eliminates the need for repeated entry of your email for downloads and saves you time. Plus, registering gives you access to additional features that enhance your experience with the repository.

Contact Manufacturers

Have a question for a manufacturer? Want to tell the manufacturer you are using their HPD? Now you can contact the manufacturer directly from the Repository, while viewing their HPD. The manufacturer will receive your message and be able to correspond directly back to you via your email address.

Download Queues

No longer do you need to laboriously download HPDs one-by-one and save to files on your computer. Now you can maintain project-specific “Download Queues” right in the Repository itself. Select and edit your project-specific queue over multiple work sessions. If you need an HPD right away – download it. If you want to store it for further consideration and later download, create your project-specific queue and save it. Curate your queues over time and, when you are ready, the Repository will download the HPDs you have selected for a specific project, in a single, convenient zip file.

Optimizing Your Repository Experience: How to Download HPDs without Pop-Up Blockers

The download functionality of the Repository works by opening a new tab in the current window, this is often blocked by pop-up window blockers. Please make sure you always allow pop-ups from When using Chrome, the browser will ask you to click two times, first to allow the pop-up and second to go to the link that opens the new tab which in our case is the HPD. For other browsers, please consult browser instructions for allowing pop-ups).