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Streamline green building product selection

Streamline green building product selection

The Health Product Declaration (HPD) Public Repository

Looking for a reliable source of published Health Product Declarations (HPDs)? You can look no further than the HPD Public Repository, maintained by the Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC). As the authoritative source for published HPDs, the Repository is the go-to resource for architects, designers, LEED project teams, property owners, certifying organizations, and anyone interested in HPDs.

Whether you’re using the HPD Builder or creating an HPD by other means, you can easily upload your HPD to the Repository as a PDF file. Once uploaded, your HPD is considered a “Public HPD” and can be searched and downloaded by users. With simple search capabilities based on Manufacturer, Product Name, CSI MasterFormat® Classification, or HPD version, finding the right HPD has never been easier.

How Project Teams Use the Repository

Use of the HPD Public Repository has grown rapidly since its launch in November 2016 – now with almost 10,000 published HPDs (with new HPDs being published regularly) and thousands of downloads each month.

The download functionality of the Repository works by opening a new tab in the current window, this is often blocked by pop-up window blockers. Please make sure you always allow pop-ups from When using Chrome, the browser will ask you to click two times, first to allow the pop-up and second to go to the link that opens the new tab which in our case is the HPD. For other browsers, please consult browser instructions for allowing pop-ups.

Public Repository Advanced User Features

The HPD Public Repository continues beyond basic search functionality. Advanced User Features have been designed to help project teams incorporate HPD-based information into their product selection and specification work. Using these features, you can compile specifications and certification submittals documentation, streamlining your process and significantly reducing time and effort.

And don’t worry if you’re new to the Repository – HPDC provides customized User Guides for Product and Project Teams, making it easy to access and use the Repository. So why wait? Start using the HPD Public Repository today and simplify your HPD-based product selection and specification work.

Customized HPD Public Repository User Guides

Learn more about how to use the HPD Public Repository through two customized User Guides, one for general users and one for manufacturers.

Public Repository’s Advanced Features

Learn more about the HPD Public Repository’s Advanced Features can help you store all your research in one place.