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Fully Implemented HPD Builder v2.2 Launched on May 18th.

HPD Builder v2.2 brings HPD Builder users exciting new features to reduce the time and effort to engage with supply chain partners: the “Supplier HPD.” HPD Builder v2.2 automates the process of sending RFIs and receiving responses from suppliers. It provides a purpose-built Supplier HPD Extension that enables manufacturer’s suppliers to easily respond to requests with HPD-compliant reporting, provided free to supply chain partners as part of manufacturer HPD Builder membership. HPD Builder v2.2 launches a new phase in our drive to bring transparency, accurate, reliable and consistent reporting to the entire supply chain using the HPD Open Standard.
HPD Open Standard v2.2 was released at the document level in May 2019. Since that time, HPDC has been working to develop the full implementation of Version 2.2, which includes updates to the HPD Builder, HPD Public Repository, our APIs, and also the introduction of the new Supplier HPD Extension to the HPD Builder. This is the biggest upgrade we have done with the HPD Builder since the upgrade from v1 to v2. One benefit of this additional time prior to the launch is that we have additional time for final testing with our pilot users.
Since making the transition of the HPD Builder to v2.2, all new HPDs need to be published with the v2.2 Standard. The current Builder – v2.1.1 – is no longer available. 
HPD v2.2 contains many new features and improvements, which we encourage all manufacturers to use v2.2 with new and updated HPDs. Learn about changes to HPD Open Standard v2.2, improvements in the HPD Builder and introduction of the new HPD Supplier Extension to the HPD Builder.

Highlights of New Features in HPD Open Standard Version 2.2

In addition to many incremental improvements to Version 2.1.1, Version 2.2 introduces a major new feature – the Supplier HPD, a specification and methodology for enabling standard-based ingredient reporting and transparency throughout the building product supply chain. Here are some of the key features that will be included in the initial Supplier HPD release:
  • Manufacturer-to-supplier, and supplier-to-supplier communications are automated for requesting and sending Supplier HPDs. Back-and-forth communication when additional information is required is easy. Tier 1 suppliers can easily communicate with lower tiers of complex supply chains, and aggregate the final information for their end customer.
  • Fully automated upload to the manufacturer’s HPD Builder account (once supplier is authenticated).
  • Bills-of-materials can easily be read into the system, removing the need for manual data entry.
  • Suppliers can provide the same information to as many manufacturer customers as they have. Produce the Supplier HPD for a given ingredient once – reuse it over and over again. Product manufacturers can also benefit from this by creating a Supplier HPD account and being their own supplier.
  • Hazard screening required for compliance with HPD Open Standard is fully automated.
  • Suppliers may withhold confidential information, such as CASRN and chemical name, while completing a full hazard screening and reporting those results to the manufacturer—supporting LEED v4 compliance.
Other v2.2 Features include:
  • Changing the “Role” Field to “Substance Role.”. Instead of entering text, you will select from a drop-down list with dozens of possible terms such as binder, flame retardant, surfactant, biocide, etc. More consistent use of this field is important to HPD users for understanding how a substance is being used.
  • Adding the “Material Type” Field
  • Removing “OSHA MSDS” from Inventory Threshold Options. This level of information was of extremely limited use to HPD users and so has been removed.
For more information on the v2.2 release features, and to access the Standard documents, click here:
Stay tuned for additional information coming to you in the next few weeks as we get closer to the launch date.
Thank you for using the HPD Builder. Please contact us at HPDC Support if you have any questions.  The best way to reach us is to create a ticket in our HPDC Support Portal. When you create a ticket, our system will automatically route it to the best staff member to address your question, and will also enable us to track your request so that none are missed. To create a ticket, click this link: