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Technical Committee and Technical Sub-Groups (TSGs)

The Technical Committee and its sub-groups are the principal forum for the discussion and preliminary adoption of technical specifications and standards, subject to the review, and within the strategic direction established by, the Board of Directors.

HPDC Technical Committee

The primary role of this core group is to preserve the integrity of the content in the Health Product Declaration. Responsibilities include interpretation, revision and expansion of the tool. In particular, participants are subject matter experts in one or more of the following areas:

• Authoritative Hazard Lists and Screening Lists
• Standard / Format / Assessment tool creation
• Compliance and Certification
• Chemicals Policy
• Material Chemistry / Chemical Assessment / Toxicology
• Life Cycle Analysis
• Building Product Specification
• Chemical Data Management and Interoperability

2023 Technical Committee

Technical Committee Name (Bold = Chair) Company Seat Category Member Level
Terms ending in 2024 Christine Tiffin ARUP User General Member
  Mark Rossi Clean Production Action Domain Expert Affiliate Member
  Rebecca Stamm Healthy Building Network Ecosystem General Member
  Allison Smith HKS User General Member
  Vickie Rush Stantec User General Member
  Terry Swack Sustainable Minds Domain Expert Affiliate Member
Terms ending in 2025 Mike Manzi Bora Architects User General Member
  Kimberly Ann Lombardozzi W.R. Meadows, Inc Manufacturer General Member
  Erin Smith Copper Development Association Domain Expert Affiliate Member
  Whitney Randall Henry Co. Manufacturer Affiliate Member
  Susan Kaplan HLW International User General Member
  Hannah Ray ILFI Domain Expert General Member
  Walter Lourie mafi Manufacturer General Member
  Saahiti Penigalapati SERA Architects User General Member
  Matt van Duinen WAP Sustainability Consulting Ecosystem General Member

Technical Sub-Groups (TSGs)

HPDC has established Technical Sub-Groups (TSGs) to address specific topics in depth. The TSGs examine issues and formulate recommendations for the Technical Committee. HPDC currently has three TSGs:
  • Content Inventory & Supply Chain: Assesses need for ongoing evolution of disclosure methodology and data elements in the HPD Open Standard and proposes revisions. It also contributes to development of policies for Special Conditions guiding HPD content inventories.
  • Supply Chain: Develops Best Practices for dealing with complex supply chain issues: secondary manufacturers, complex assemblies, proprietary information, etc.
  • Third Party Programs: Manages the credentialing and methodology for independent review and verification of completed Health Product Declarations (HPDs).
  • Hazards: Addresses issues related to hazard screening and reporting, and other related topics such as GreenScreen methodology, chemical identification systems such as CAS RN, Special Conditions for hazard screening, etc.
Current TSG members are listed below. To express interest in participation and learn more about the nomination process, email
Group Representative (Bold = Chair) Member Category Company
Content Inventory & Supply Chain      
Terms ending in 2023 Laura Loucks Ecosystem Edge Environment
  Ana Maria Leal Ecosystem AMLY Sustainability
  Colleen Large Ecosystem Brightworks Sustainability LLC
  Tara Blank Ecosystem Elixir Environmental
  Daniel Huard User Global GreenTag Int’l Pty Ltd
  Yasaman Bagheri User HKS Architects
  Victoria Wickard User Perkins+Will
  Jyothi Rangineni Manufacturer Tile Council of North America
  Walter Lourie Manufacturer .mafi-America, Inc
Terms ending in 2024 Genna Heath Ecosystem WAP Sustainability
  Denice Staaf Ecosystem Labeling Sustainability
  Katie Poss Manufacturer National Ready Mixed Concrete Association
  Graham Capobianco Manufacturer Novalis Innovative Flooring
  Dwayne Fuhlhage Manufacturer Prosoco
  Annmarie Ott Manufacturer Saint Gobain
  Melea Wade Manufacturer Shaw Industries
  Michaela Shaw Ecosystem SMS Collaborative, LLC
  Chantal Lavigne Ecosystem Vertima, Inc.
Third Party Programs      
Terms ending in 2023 Matt Van Duinen Ecosystem WAP Sustainability Consulting
  Teresa McGrath Ecosystem Healthy Building Network
  Summer Minchew User Ecoimpact Consulting, LLC
  Gemma Antoniewicz Ecosystem GreenCircle Certified
  Amy Hockett Manufacturer National Gypsum Company
  Nassreen Olang Manufacturer Owens Corning
  Hanna Amare Ecosystem SCS Global Services
Terms ending in 2024 Tara Blank Ecosystem Elixir Environmental
  Rebecca Backer Ecosystem SMS Collaborative
  Josée Lupien Ecosystem Vertima, Inc.
 Terms ending in 2023 Ryan Johnson Ecosystem Healthy Building Network
  Adriana Rodriguez Pliego User COOKFOX Architects, DPC
  Allison Smith User HKS Architects
  Jane Rohde User JSR Associates, Inc.
  Annmarie Ott Manufacturer Saint Gobain
Terms ending in 2024 Alexander Co Ecosystem WAP Sustainability
  Shari Franjevic Ecosystem Clean Production Action
  Seth Fernández Ecosystem Green Science Policy Institute
  Nina Hwang Ecosystem Green Seal Inc.
  David Johnson User SERA Architects
  Jyothi Rangineni Manufacturer Tile Council of North America
  Stacy Simpson Manufacturer USG Corp
  Diana Alley User ZGF
Social Equity      
Terms ending in 2023 Arthur Clarke Manufacturer HMTX Industries
  Rebecca Stamm Ecosystem Healthy Building Network
  Christine Tiffin User ARUP
  Amy Running User Bora Architects
  Charles Griffin Manufacturer Carnegie Fabrics
  Mark Leger Community City of Austin
  John “Russell” Beaumont User COOKFOX Architects, DPC
  Daniel Huard Ecosystem Global GreenTag International Pty Ltd
  Anthony Ravitz User Google
  Jean Hansen User HDR
  Joel Todd   Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC)
  Susan Kaplan User HLW International
  Ren DeCherney Ecosystem International Living Future Institute
  David Johnson User SERA Design
  Allison Zuchman Ecosystem The Green Engineer
  Lona Rerick User ZGF Architects LLP

To express interest in participation and learn more about the nomination process, email