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HPDC Third-Party Verification Program

Verified HPDs available in the HPD Public Repository

HPDs that have been third-party verified offer a higher level of confidence that the information they contain is complete and compliant with the HPD Open Standard. Additional features and benefits of the program are described below.

To find verified HPDs, visit the HPD Pubic Repository and use the search filters to identify the HPDs that match your requirements.

List of Approved HPD Third-Party Verifiers

  • GreenCircle Certified
  • SCS Global Services
  • Vertima
  • WAP Sustainability
  • Greenseal

Learn more about the services of the Approved HPD Third-Party Verifiers.

If you are interested in becoming an approved verifier, please complete the third party verifier information request.


The HPD Collaborative (HPDC) Third Party Verification Program has been established to manage the credentialing and methodology for independent review and verification of completed Health Product Declarations (HPDs).  The basic quality assurance provided by the Third Party Verification Program is that the verification is conducted through an objective process by an independent, approved Third Party Verifier.  Verification is a separate process, distinct from the preparation of the HPD by the manufacturer or a consulting preparer.  Verification is initiated by the manufacturer of the product, after the preparation of an HPD is complete, by contracting with an HPDC-approved Third Party Verifier.   HPDC Third Party Verifiers can also be HPDC Approved Preparers but are restricted from verifying HPDs that they have helped to prepare.

The Program provides a framework for an additional level of assurance that a completed Health Product Declaration (HPD) fully complies with the HPD Open Standard, includes the data elements required by specified certifications (such as LEED), formulation reporting matches supporting documentation and is in accordance with the HPD Open Standard, and non-disclosed proprietary information the verifier has obtained is accurately represented.  By establishing a standard methodology for verification, as well as rigorous requirements and an approval process for verifiers, the Program provides documented evidence of verification by qualified experts.  By having their HPDs verified, manufacturers provide the users of their products with an extra measure of confidence that the reported information is credible.

Key Points of the Verification Process

The verification process for HPDs focuses on

  • compliance with the requirements of the HPD Open Standard,
  • confirming that the product’s formulation reporting matches provided documentation and is aligned with the Standard requirements, and
  • ensuring that any non-disclosed proprietary information is accurately represented.

A Third Party Verification is conducted as a desk audit of the HPD and its supporting documentation; it does not require an onsite audit that would review a Bill of Materials, batch record, or an examination of the physical attributes of the product or included ingredients in regard to the final manufacturing facility.  Verifiers do not conduct laboratory tests or other independent assessments of product contents or performance. Verification of an HPD is not a certification of the product or a declaration that that the product is safer or deemed safer.

Verification will be available for version 2.1 and later HPDs.  At this time there is no plan to verify version 1.0 HPDs.

Program Benefits

The HPDC Third Party Verification Program provides the following benefits:

  • To HPD Users – Third party verification provides a higher level of confidence in the information contained in a verified HPD. Using products with verified HPDs also provides additional opportunities to meet the requirements of programs requiring the use of independently verified information in completing their qualifying project plans (such as with Google Portico and Well Building Standard).  Using verified HPDs also saves users the considerable effort of having to cross-check information themselves.
  • To Manufacturers – The Third Party Verification program provides a reliable source for approved consultants who can help in preparing and verifying HPDs. It also gives manufacturers the opportunity to have their manufacturer declared HPDs verified by an independent and recognized expert as fully compliant with the HPD Open Standard, providing their current and prospective customers with an added level of confidence in their products.  The verification process also allows them to confirm their processes for creating their HPDs and allows greater confidence in the information provided by their suppliers.
  • To Verifiers – The Third Party Verification program provides recognition of their status as approved verifiers and targeted exposure to prospective clients who would benefit from their services. It also gives them the tools and framework necessary for completing verifications, as well as ongoing access to information on emerging trends and best practices in HPD preparation and verification.

Program Structure

The Third Party Verification Program is managed by the HPD Collaborative (HPDC), a not-for-profit, member organization responsible for the maintenance and evolution of the HPD Open Standard.

  • A senior member of the HPDC staff, the Program Director, has overall responsibility for, and oversees the Program.
  • Development of the Program content is the responsibility of the Third Party Verification Technical Sub Group. This group is a committee of HPDC member representatives, appointed by the HPDC Technical Committee.
  • Approval of the Program content and approval of Verifiers is the responsibility of the HPDC Technical Committee.