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Firm Commitment


Firm Expertise


Firm Processes for Transparency and Material Health


Impact of Healthier Materials


Impact of Healthier Materials


Impact of Healthier Materials

About The HPDC Client Toolkit

This Client Toolkit is template for A+D firms to build their own “Client Pitch” to support using transparency and material health practices on a client project or pursuit. The purpose of the toolkit is to provide a well-curated set of resources to enable A+D firms to:

  • Learn from the experience and best practices of others, quickly and easily
  • Gain confidence in areas where the firm may not already have much practical experience
  • Note: As a second effort, we will adapt this toolkit to help a Client/Owner who needs to educate/convince A+D firms/contractors to adopt these practices for a project or projects

HPDC hope that by using this toolkit A+D firms will:

  • Remove roadblocks for firms initiating a dialogue with clients due to uncertainty or lack of knowledge of resources to support such an effort
  • Enable firms that lack expert, dedicated resources in transparency/material health to get started more easily
  • Increase client communications about transparency and material health, coming from a growing number of A+D firms

The Toolkit is organized into the following sections:

Section 1: Firm Commitment

Section 2: Firm Expertise

Section 3: Firm Processes for Transparency and Material Health

Section 4: Impact of Healthier Materials

Section 5: Financial and Operational Impact

Section 6: Firm and Client Liability

Section 7: RFP Language

Click the section icons above to get started using the HPDF Client Toolkit.