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Guiding Principles


We commit to ensuring that transparency and ingredient disclosure are fundamental to doing business in the materials ecosystem. This supports a market environment in which everyone is empowered to make informed decisions about the materials used to construct the places where we live, work, play, learn, and heal.


We can only achieve our goals through inclusive communication and partnership with a wide spectrum of stakeholders. We acknowledge the limits of our own understanding, recognizing that what we bring to the table is only a small part of the puzzle. We act with integrity by engaging people from diverse disciplines as contributors to the process and the solution.



We believe transparency engenders innovation throughout the supply chain. We seek and find creative and bold solutions that are effective in refining transparency tools and in improving the health-based attributes of our material ecosystem at product, company, and systemic levels.



We begin from a place of trust in order to build trust. We are attentive to how we approach every form of communication. We seek to be clear about what we know and don’t know, and what we are asking of others. We treat everyone with deference and encourage others to do the same. We create an environment that propagates respect and celebrates collective learning and discovery.


We continually strive to improve what we offer and support others to reach further as we develop an increasingly holistic understanding of the materials ecosystem. While we cannot see into the future, we must set out on the journey and will learn as we go. As information sharing becomes the norm, improvements in one area flow into others for broader benefit.