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Material Health Open Innovation Symposium III: Mark Your Calendar for November 15, 2022, 12-5 PM EST.

This year’s 3rd annual Material Health Symposium: “The Art And Science of Material Health Innovation” – brings together, in one virtual event, all the information you need on the latest material health innovations. Hosted by HPDC, this virtual event is being provided at no cost to attendees.

This is the one event each year solely dedicated to material health practice in the building industry. You won’t want to miss it! You’ll find out about the latest innovations taking place in the field of Material Health, including detailed presentations about the exciting progress made in the past year, leading edge practices, ecosystem progress (mM, C2C, ILFI, USGBC, WELL) and what lies ahead for 2023.

Symposium Event Schedule 

SESSION 1 – Welcome & Keynote

12:01-12:10 – LIVE VIDEO Introductions with Wendy Vittori, HPDC, Wes Sullens, U.S. Green Building Council and Annie Bevan, mindful MATERIALS

12:10-12:30 – Keynote Speaker Rolf Halden, from ASU’s Biodesign Center for Environmental Health Engineering

12:30-12:40 – QA with keynote

SESSION 2 – Leading Edge Of Practice – Case Studies

12:40-12:45 – Introduction to Session 2 – The Leading Edge of Practice Case Studies: Material Health Innovations.

12:45-1:00 – Mikhail Davis, Interface, presents “From ‘impossible’ to everywhere: Scaling up recycled nylon yarn”

1:00-1:15 – Annmarie Ott, Saint Gobain, and Evelyn Ritter, ToxNot, present “Material Health Screening with ‘RoboTox’ Feature within the Toxnot Tool”

1:15-1:20 – Q&A with presenters

1:20-1:35 – Aine Hardaker, Len-Tex Wallcoverings presents “CVT-B: Increasing Clean Vinyl Technology’s™ Bio-Based Content.”

1:35-1:50 – Arthur Clarke, HMTX, “Social Health & Equity – a Manufacturer’s Journey”

1:50-2:00 – Q&A with presenters

2:00-2:10 – Break

SESSION 3 – Ecosystem Programs

2:10-2:15 – Introduction to Session 3 – Ecosystem Programs: Social Equity, Tools To Advance Material Health, Progress in Rating & Certification Programs

2:15-2:30 – Rebecca Stamm, HBN presents “Embodied Injustices: Chemical and Environmental Justice Impacts Along Product Life Cycles”

2:30-2:45 – Russell Beaumont, CookFox, presents “A Survey of Current Labor Certifications for the Built Environment”

2:45-2:50 – Q&A with presenters

2:55-3:10 – Evelyn Ritter, ToxNot, presents “Incentivize your Suppliers for HPD data using the Toxnot Exchange”

3:10-3:25 – Terry Swack, Sustainable Minds, presents Sustainable Minds Transparency Report [EPD]™: Integrating EPD and HPD information in one easy-to-understand digital document”

3:25-3:30 – Q&A with presenters

3:30-3:40 – Break

3:40-3:43 – Welcome back for the remainder of Session 3 – Ecosystem Programs: Progress in Rating & Certification Programs.

3:45-4:00 – Paul Shahriari, ecomedes and Jack Dinning, Brightworks Sustainability, present Simplifying Data-Driven Sustainability”

4:00-4:15 – Nina Hwang, Green Seal, presents Optimizing Material Health and Maximizing LEED Credits 

4:15-4:30 – Gina Ciganik and Anjanette Green, HBN, present “Mission Possible – Healthier Projects using Materials Modeling”

4:30-4:35 – Q&A with presenters

SESSION 4 – Panel Discussion

4:35 – Introduction to Session 4 – Panel Discussion with all ecosystem partners from Session 3 on What Lies Ahead in 2023.

4:35-5:00 – QA with panel

2022 Material Health Innovation Awards–The date to Submit Your Product or Project Innovation Has Ended.

Building Design Teams and Manufacturers will share their organizations’ breakthrough Material Health innovations with colleagues during the Symposium. Four case study presentations have been selected to receive the Material Health Innovation Presentation award. Selections were for those case studies that best demonstrate performance and results at the “leading edge” of Material Health innovation. Each of these case studies will be highlighted during the Symposium with a 15-minute presentation by the authors. All submissions that meet the entry requirements will be recognized with the Material Health Innovation Honorable Mention award, and will be included in the Symposium proceedings. All accepted case studies will also be featured in the new “Innovators” section of the HPDC website.

You can view all materials from last year’s symposium here.