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HPDC’s newly formed Social Equity Working Group has been meeting May-July. The Group’s first goal is to define the scope of work HPDC should undertake, and define any other aspects related to social equity that are important for HPDC.

Some examples the group will consider are:

  • How to define social equity as it relates to building products
  • What are the relationships between social equity, supply chain transparency and material health
  • How to define and implement social equity measures associated with a building product
  • How to balance constraints of current supply chain data availability with data being requested
  • How to increase the diversity of participation in this effort to reflect those directly affected by social equity disparities

HPDC Executive Director Wendy Vittori said, “This group is focused on identifying information and practices that impact social equity as a result of making and using building products. If an organization or person wants to favor products that aren’t creating inequities, then we want to provide them with information to make that choice. It’s possible that the group may decide to include social equity information in the HPD Open Standard specification. We’re really excited to see what recommendations the group makes towards developing a Work Plan for review and approval by HPDC Technical Committee and HPDC Board of Directors.

The group meets every 3 weeks. Members include:

  • Arthur Clarke, HMTX
  • Mary Dickinson, Perkins&Will
  • Charles Griffin, Carnegie Fabrics
  • Jean Hansen, HDR
  • Dave Johnson, SERA
  • Amanda Kaminsky , Building Product Ecosystems
  • Susan Kaplan, HLW
  • Anthony Ravitz, Google
  • Lona Rerick, ZGF
  • Amy Running, Bora
  • Rebecca Stamm, HBN
  • Christine Tiffin, ARUP
  • Joel Ann Todd, USGBC Senior Fellow
  • Bill Walsh, HBN

If you’d like to know more about the HPDC Social Equity Working Group, please contact Marketing Director Paula Schaper at: